14/9 and 15/9 Roundup (1/6)

🔵 Nick Ansell will re-join Melbourne Victory [SBS]
🔵 Victory want Ben Folami, likely to be a loan
🔴 Max Burgess was offered to WSW by his management, neither really wanted the deal to happen
🔵 Newcastle at risk of collapse because of poor finances
14/9 and 15/9 Roundup (2/6)

🟣 Steve McGarry named Perth assistant coach
⚪ Macarthur will play friendly against Camden Tigers on October 25, tickets sold out in an hour
🟠 Corey Brown extended Brisbane Roar contract
🟣 Tony Pignata said Bruno Fornaroli will stay at Perth
14/9 and 15/9 Roundup (3/6)

🇦🇺 Australia set to face England at Wembley next month
🇦🇺 Ben Garrucio left Hearts
🟣 As well as Fornaroli, Diego Castro and Chris Ikonomidis set to stay at Perth
🔴 Carl Robinson left Newcastle for Western Sydney, Kenny Millar assistant
14/9 and 15/9 Roundup (4/6)

🇦🇺 Craig Goodwin loaned to Abha Club
🟣 Perth set for training return next week, player stand downs will be reversed soon
🟢 Western United say Connor Pain won't move to India
🟢 United will start training next week and have kept most players [espn]
14/9 and 15/9 Roundup (5/6)

⚽ 2020/21 A-League & W-League seasons will start on December 27
⚽ 161 men’s matches will be played over 23 weeks with the Grand Final set for June
⚽ Women’s 57 games will finish with a Grand Final in April
⚽ Full fixture schedule in early November
14/9 and 15/9 Roundup (6/6)

🟠 Aaron Amadi-Holloway set for East Bengal move
🔵 Newcastle will name a coach once ownership is sorted
🔴 Jordan Elsey set to sign for Kerala Blasters
🔴 United want to sign defender Nikola Jurkovic
🔵 Jacob Butterfield has agreed to join Victory
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