1/4 The big Tier 2 problem. From Sat, no one - no matter where they live - can have a multi household gathering indoors in London. And no one from London can do so anywhere. Yet Soho’s pubs can’t even access 67% furlough (let alone 80%) because they’re not ‘shut down’. This is
2/4 the same dilemma facing every other Tier 2 area from Nov 1 unless it is moved into Tier 3, like G Manchester and Liverpool CR. Socially / mentally of course, millions of people in northern England have already been through the wars over this. And economically it’s been rough.
3/4 Economically there was at least 60% furlough (for anyone who previously claimed in the first lockdown) until Oct 31. But from Nov 1 that ends and only those venues *mandated* to close can claim the 67%. If your pub is limited to household groups only it’s 22%.
4/4 In the words of Toby Perkins in the Commons this week, “People don't generally go to the pub in order to meet their own wife”. Going to be a grim winter for Tier 2 pubs up and down the land...
OH AND for bonus points: this same problem obviously afflicts restaurants in both Tier 2 AND Tier 3. How often are people going to go to a city centre restaurant, be it in London or Newcastle or Manchester or Liverpool, with their own family? 😞
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