1/ Let's talk about SERCO - a thread.

Chief Exec is Rupert Soames, he’s the brother of Nicholas Soames. Which is handy for networking through the government.
2/ SERCO is the company awarded the was 108m contract to run the COVID 19 contact tracing system.

But they are far more embedded in our lives than most people could imagine and not just in the UK, but all over the world.

Far more so than Huawei! (Just saying)
3/ Citizens services. (very Chinaish name)

Provided to local government are the following.
▪️customer service departments
▪️waste management
▪️employment skill and training
▪️Ground and street cleaning
▪️parking enforcement
4/ Defence

▪️Maritime, Aviation, Space
▪️maintenance of the Ballistic Early Warning System,
▪️Maintenance of RAF Brize Norton, Halton & Norholt, Culdrose, Ascension Islands, and garrisons in Australia.
▪️Manages all aspects of operations at the Defence Acadamy
5/ security, Nuclear and complex security

▪️The Atomic Weapons Establishment
▪️Nuclear active waste management
▪️facilities management to the Defence Science and technology Lab
6/ Justice services

▪️prison management
▪️secure logistics
▪️prisoner escorting services
▪️Youth detention centres
7/ Immigration services

▪️Secure immigration
▪️Community accommodation
8/ Health

▪️Provides management facilities to hospitals
▪️Out of hours services
▪️Pathology labs
▪️Electronic health records
▪️runs 15 health contracts taken over from Carillion
▪️COVID testing centres
▪️Contact tracing
9/ Leisure facilities for local councils

▪️swimming pools,
▪️cycle hire schemes
▪️National Sports Centres
10/ Education

▪️manages local authority education services.
▪️training services for National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL) and the Department for Education (DfE)
11/ Think about all that information they own, from cradle to grave, on individuals in the UK and now consider they operate similar services in

Asia Pacific
North America
Middle East
12/ SERCO has a history of falsifying records in healthcare, & Justice incl fines of £23m for electronic tagging fraud, yet still won a £1.9b contract to manage 5000 houses for asylum seekers. (£380,000 per property?)

And was still awarded the failed Contact tracing contract.
13/ COVID19 has been good for SERCO worldwide with 15,000 staff deployed to maximise profits from panicking governments.

Revenue grow 24 per cent to £1.82 billion with its underlying trading profit increasing by 53 per cent to £77.6 million.
14/ SERCO have infiltrated all aspects of how our lives are documented, run and provided for, working closely with global tech providers including Vodaphone and Microsoft.

It's time to break up the single supply provision.

I didn't vote for SERCO to run the UK, Did you?
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