there's an old lady who's been selling books to us for as long as anyone can remember because no-one is able to say no to her

she crushes the will to resist like a rampaging visigoth in a shawl
everyone thinks they're going to be able to refuse

but no

she gets them in the end
with her vicelike politeness
sealing the deal like a guillotine
OLD LADY: I want to sell this book

ME: yes well as I told you last week it's not really for u-

OLD LADY: I could die tomorrow

ME: um well I don't see how that-

OLD LADY: in my sleep. I wouldn't blame you.
OLD LADY: my cat is dying

ME: but this book really isn't worth any mon-

OLD LADY: he is my only companion all those days I spend alone in my house with no heating


OLD LADY: the world is so cruel
there was a point where we had to make a box of Guilt Books foisted on us by means of emotional blackmail, I think it's still there under all the detritus
omg I just realised I haven't seen her in months WHAT IF SHE DIED i regret this thread
everyone pray for book bandit octogenarian lady
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