2 days ago I was tweeting at "feminists" trying to explain the foolishness of siding with the Tory party over trans stuff when they continue to administer austerity, deprivation and abuse, and the response was "what about women's rights though?" https://twitter.com/DylanBrownie1/status/1316469080388440064
This isn't a "gotcha" for those people, I'm not saying they're personally responsible for this woman's death, I guess

I'm saying if your feminism only cares about women when it's called "sex based rights" and not when it's welfare, housing, healthcare funding, women will be hurt
We know for a fact that austerity has mainly affected women. That cutbacks on disability support force women with health issues into the one job that will take ppl who can't do reliable shifts. That the hostile environment is leaving women with no recourse to public funds.
The vast majority of women's suffering in the UK comes from being left with the bill when social welfare, care and reproduction is not funded. Class is a feminist issue.
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