"[...] i've always said that atiny shine brighter than stars. but, now that i'm back here, to me our atiny are already the brightest stars"
"i really wanted to say this. as i look into your eyes, atiny, you shine brighter than the stars"
q: what would you like to hear most on your birthday?

#seonghwa: i want to hear words like “thank you for being born, you've done well so far”. so that i can recognize more on my birthday that my existence is precious.
"if i don't love myself, it's difficult for me to give love to someone. they said give yourself plenty of love and happiness first, and then give it to others because it overflows".
"i learned to love myself. i learned to give love. and i've got you, atiny. i knew i could never stop this journey. it was you who made everything possible... and now you're the brightest star for me. thank you, i love you".
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