#Bharat has always showed the way to the World with its innovation & technology in the earlier centuries & even today too. It has emerged as one of the leading examples in the world in it's fight against #COVID19 .
#AarogyaSetu app is one of the best examples of it.(1/n)
The App was launched by the Central Government in the month of April 2020 when the whole country was reeling with the pandemic . The sole motive of it's launch was to provide an effective tool to monitor & keep a track of the people suspected of contracting the virus. (2/n)
It proved to be a miracle tool a boon & helped in the early detection of the cases & assisted the government on a larger scale with the use of IT technology. It proved to be a game changer after all. (3/n)
If we check the statistics we are far ahead of other developed countries in using health apps. We are second in ranking after China with 63% as shown in the above data pics. This is a good sign for the future too (4/n)
#Bharat being one of the biggest hub of IT technology, more such health apps are needed for better monitoring & effective handling of the people as it is second most populous country in the world. (5/n)
( Data Source Statista)

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