starting my live tweet thread about RWBY volume one:
this red chick is kinda cool
animation still kinda a yikes but i'm gonna keep watching
purple cape woman is kinda cool too
also who is the OTHER girl in red shooting fire
"can i have your autograph?!" sweetie-
parts where it's really skipping but it's fine
her sister is sweet
her name is glynda good witch..?
okay but what does rwby stand for
"what are you? brain dead?" whoever she is i kinda like her
ruby went 👉👈
black haired chick is a mood
this show best not be setting up hetero ships not here for it /hj
my weapons a scythe and a sniper rifle

mines a sword...and a shield...
ok nvm i kinda want the white haired chick to shut up
yang is so sweet why 😭
i like blake
"i drink milk~"
snow angel is an amazing nickname
pyrrha is cool too i love her
jaune is either unbelievably straight or just stupid
i can appreciate that weiss uses a rapier
damn pyrrha i love you
this moment of them being teammates makes me think of "loathing" from wicked
eW what the FUCK is tHAT?!
woah go off yang
i really want to draw pyrrha tbh
can weiss stop being mean so i can like her
"great! the gangs all here, now we can die together."
fight scene is kinda epic everyone's kicking ass
they didn't even announce it yet and i know what rwby means
ruby, weiss, blake, and yang
lookit all that d u s t
bunk beds lmao
yes tell her off peter
good for weiss
okay i'm gonna stop cause this thread is long and it's definitely clogging people's feeds
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