India’s govt has been handing major defense contracts & technology to an Indian Nagpur-based firm.

Same Indian firm’s IED components were being used by terror group ISIS in Iraq Syria & suspected to be used by ISKP TTP & BLA

-Based on Saket Gokhale’s invsgtv report


As I posted a few months ago & Dr Moeed Yusuf explained in his interview with Karan Thapar that India spent millions of $$ to consolidate Afghan based terror groups to maximize infiltration into Pakistan before US forces leave Afghanistan & PakAfg border fence is completed.

That’s not the only thing India is doing, simultaneously Indian R&AW is training these terror groups in ISIS IED tactics perfected in Iraq/Syria & infiltrating them as sleeper cells into Pakistan to wait for IED materials to be smuggled to them separately for use in attacks.

Just yesterday 1x Officer, 2 x JCOs & 3 x soldiers have embraced Shahadat in two IED explosions in DerNarany area of Shaktoi tehsil bordering North Waziristan.

The officer Capt Omar Shaheed had just gotten married 7 months earlier & his last chat with a friend was spiritual.

And lately Indian sponsored terrorist outfits crossing into Balochistan from Iran/Afghanistan such as BLA BRA UBA BLF Lashkare Balochistan have begun using these tactics, instead of earlier hit&run gun/rocket attacks to use ISIS like improvised explosive device-IED attacks.

In order to accurately comprehend nature of this new threat, we need to understand the mechanics of IED attacks

Done remotely, but it requires explosive material, fuse & detonating cords, detonators, transmitters, remote switches & technical know how to put it all together.

This way an IED attack prevents an armed confrontation where small groups of criminals trained in armed attacks against LEAs are easily neutralized.

But due to this failure over the last year, BLA has posted online propaganda videos claiming the adoption of this new tactic.

After PTM’s protests & removal of many check posts along Afghan border area roads leading to towns & cities IED cache busts are now becoming a recurrence, after having been entirely put down by Op Raddul Fassad.

This carries potential danger of IED attacks in settled areas.

Therefore, it’s important that govt’s decision makers who’ve eased restrictions for greater trade with Afghanistan realize that such moves have actually led to higher recoveries of IED materials hidden in caves & suspected hideouts of BLA in Balochistan & TTP in Waziristan.

On 1st Oct, the Modi govt signed a contract worth 409 crores with Economic Explosive Ltd (EEL) to supply 10,00,000 Multi Mode Hand Grenades to the Indian Army.

EEL is a subsidiary of Nagpur-based Solar Industries (an explosive maker with nothing to do with solar energy)

In 2018, Solar Industries was given a technology transfer by the Ministry of Defense to produce propellant booster for the BrahMos missile.

2 months ago, Solar Ind. cleared DRDO trials to get the technology & make Pinaka artillery rockets for the Indian Army.

In 2016, Solar Industries signed an MoU with Devendra Fadnavis govt in Maharashtra worth a whopping 1550 crores to manufacture ammunition for the Indian Armed Forces.

In summation, Solar Ind is the Modi's govt's go-to company for major defense contracts & tech transfer.

Now, here's where it gets VERY murky.

In Feb 2016, European Union commissioned a report from Conflict Armament Research (CAR) to document the explosives left behind by terror group ISIS after ops against them in Iraq & Syria.

The report focussed on IEDs used by ISIS.

Here is link to the 107 page pdf file of EU-funded report by CAR titled: “Tracing The Supply Of Components Used in Islamic State IEDs” on arms and explosives used by ISIS in Iraq and Syria, with attached receipts of Indian supplied components:

During the siege of Kobane in Syria, Kurdish YPG forces found Indian detonators made by Solar Industries/EEL were being used by ISIS to make IEDs.

These detonators had been exported to the ISIS through shell companies in Turkey & Lebanon which later disappeared.

Even on the Makhmour front line in Iraq, ISIS was found to be using detonators & other equipment from Solar Industries/EEL companies of India to manufacture IEDs.

The report states that it's unclear through which entity Solar Industries exported these to ISIS.

On 4 July17, CAR documented a spool of safety fuse produced by Crescent Fuses in India.

Iraqi forces recovered the item from an IS weapon prod facility in western Mosul on 14 June17.

Notice similar spool of safety fuse recovered from suspected BLA hideouts in Balochistan.

B/w Oct14 & April15, CAR teams in Iraq found El detonators by Rajasthan Expl&Chems & IDEAL Ind Expl; El & non-El detonators by Economic Expl.

In Kobane, CAR observed El & non-El detonators by Rajasthan Expl&Chems; non-El detonators by Premier Expl & by IDEAL Ind Expl.

Notice the similarity of IED materials: explosives, spools of safety fuse, detonating cords, detonators, transmitters, remote switches being recovered from:
BLA transport mules incl women used to smuggle them into Pakistan
from BLA remote hideouts for use of sleeper cells.

CAR report also named other Indian firms along with Solar Industries/EEL whose explosives were found with ISIS.

Despite this EU-funded report coming out in 2016, NO ACTION/PROBE was ever ordered by Modi govt.

Instead, Solar Ind kept getting more govt. defense contracts.

Why did x Indian Def Min N.Sitharam never took cognizance of this report & why Indian govt never ordered a probe?

Why does Solar Ind/EEL continue to get Indian def tech & contracts despite being ISIS suppliers?

Why are Nagpur BJP/RSS leaders close to this co’s management?

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