[INFO] Joy's solo OST "Introduce Me A Good Person" has now surpassed 405 Million Digital Points on Gaon! 🎉

💚#1 Highest Digital Points for an SM Artists' Solo Song in 2020.

💚#2 Overall Highest Digital Points for an SM Artists' Song in 2020.

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So proud of all of Joy's achievements! 💚

-Joy is the first SM Female Artist without a solo debut to receive a Bonsang (Main Prize) nomination.

-Joy joins Taeyeon as the only SM Female Solo Artists to have a song surpass 400 Million Digital Points on Gaon.

#JOY #조이 #레드벨벳
Joy's solo OST "Introduce Me A Good Person":

- Top 5 peak on Billboard Korea's K-Pop Hot 100 and still charting after 30 weeks
- 14 weeks in the Top 20 of Melon's Weekly Chart and still charting
- #1 on 2 Charts
- #2 peak on FLO
- Top 6 peaks on All Charts

#조이 #레드벨벳 #JOY
Joy's solo OST "Introduce Me A Good Person":

- Surpassed 28 Million Streams and over 1.5 Million Unique Listeners on Genie.
- Surpassed 100,000 likes on Melon.
- #3 on Hanteo Monthly Digital Chart (277,081.000).
- Top 10 on Gaon's Digital Chart for 7 weeks.

#조이 #레드벨벳 #JOY
Joy reached #2 on Melon's Female Solo Artist Chart, and reached the Top 10 of Gaon's Weekly Social Chart as a soloist (ranking the Top 50 South Korean Music Artists).

Joy has also surpassed 42,000 followers on Melon, the largest music platform in South Korea. 💚

#조이 #레드벨벳
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