This is a long thread meant to be read as one contiguous stream of consciousness. It addresses my dire concern for our democracy in #Alberta.
I fear @jkenney is a false prophet employing #Fascist tactics to set us against one another in manufactured ‘Us versus Them’
confrontations. He does this with calculated spurious attacks against the Disabled, Minorities, Liberals, Secularists, Leftists, Intellectuals, Protesters, Public institutions, Unions, the Environment and our very Democratic Principles. This is not driven by a calculus of
ordinary politics. These are #Fascist tactics to drive our citizens apart and have us at each other's throats to the point where truth & civil discourse no longer matter.
I am no expert in #Fascism but since our Provincial election, which @jkenney won through overt lies and
deceit, I am becoming more familiar with its tenants. Growing up on a small remote #Alberta prairie farm in the 60’s I heard my grandparents speak of #Fascism as it related to the governments of Adolph Hilter and Benito Mussolini. It sounded scary but I didn’t pay it much
attention, thinking I would never have to worry about such concepts in my lifetime. Later, attending the University of Alberta in 1972, I recall passing up an opportunity to listen to a speaker addressing that very topic; again thinking it would never impact my life here in
Since his Fraudulent election, @jkenney has tried to use fear and anger to set us against each other in manufactured ‘Us versus Them’ confrontations.
His attacks on #AISH recipients & #Alberta's addicts, by impoverishing and immiserating them, sets them up as somehow
'unworthy' citizens to be shunned and worthy of harsh treatment.
When @jkenney attacks the policies of @JustinTrudeau, it's not framed in the context of healthy political debate; he's employing #Fascist tactics of ‘Us versus Them’ to advance his ideology and obscure the
incompetence of his @Alberta_UCP government.
He’s also doing this with the @RCMPAlberta, trying to paint them as unresponsive to Albertan’s needs. The job of police in a Democratic society is to keep communities safe. In Alberta the @RCMPAlberta fulfill that role.
@jkenney would have us believe he needs his own Private Police force. This is extremely dangerous as a Private Provincial Police force, run by @Alberta_UCP, will become a political tool of @jkenney's #Facist ideology.
#Fascist governments like uninformed citizens, so
Universities are one of the main focal points of attack by far right Party leaders. @jkenney & @AdrianaLaGrange are complicit in undermining the @UAlberta and our Public School System because they fear an informed citizenry. Informed voters get governments that serve them.
Uninformed ones get governments they deserve. A million voters in #Alberta were misinformed as the deceitful @Alberta_UCP lied to get elected.
Another distinguishing mark of #Fascist politics is the targeting of ideological enemies. @jkenney, his 'issue managers', & Ministers
like @shandro employ these tactics, brazenly targeting Doctors, Teachers, Unions, Nurses & the @RCMPAlberta.
#Fascist governments use times of crisis to dismember Public institutions in order to shift Public monies to Private corporations at the expense of its citizens.
@jkenney & @Alberta_UCP used the oil crisis to give Billions to the oil companies. They are also using that crisis as an excuse to legitimize their destruction of Public Healthcare in favour of Private HealthCare, funneling even more money to big business; further
impoverishing its citizens.
The @Alberta_UCP won’t admit it but I believe they now realize they lost $4.5B in a tax giveaway to companies who pocketed the cash and left #Alberta taking jobs with them; along with a $7B commitment to a pipeline company who subsequently laid off
thousands of workers.
Now they are scrambling to claw back $Billions by eviscerating our HealthCare system, putting 11,000 workers out of a job, and downloading extra fees to the citizens of #Alberta. All of this to cover up their ineptitude and criminal mismanagement of
of #Alberta’s finances.
We all have to stand up to the #Fascist tactics being employed by @jkenney and @Alberta_UCP. Don't let this be a spectator sport on Twitter or other social media platforms. While these online platforms are useful in building a community of like minded
citizens, offering a means to voice alarm with @jkenney & @Alberta_UCP’s Fascist tactics, they cannot replace a strong legislative opposition, i.e. our @albertaNDP. Support & engage directly with them, else we are just preening each other's feathers.
See something, Say something, Do something. Take action and become an active resistor. Write your MLA, write your local newspaper, support the opposition NDP, support our unions, join picket lines and demonstrations to make sure that @jkenney and @Alberta_UCP hear us
loud and clear. Only through active sustained resistance can we achieve results.
This government is off the rails, taking us to Hell in a handbasket. Now is the time to get actively involved and fight this government before it totally ruins our great Province! @jkenney won't
stop destroying #Alberta; it's not his nature. He was @stephenharper's rabid attack dog for years. We have to be vocal in our resistance.
@jkenney, like other #Fascist leaders, wants to see us abandon the ideals of Political Pluralism, Civil Discourse, Critical Thinking,
and Truth. The wise response to intolerance is coming together across the ideological spectrum of people who want to make democracies more effective. Convince as many as you can to vote him out.
If you are able, please donate to @albertaNDP; we need a STRONG opposition.
Under @jkenney’s misguided ideological approach to government, we are becoming a Fascist state! RESIST!
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