I just spoke with John Paul Isaac, the Wilmington computer repair store owner who ended up with Hunter Biden's laptop and gave it to the FBI and Giuliani. He would not explain how a copy of the hard drive was passed to Rudy Giuliani. "No comment," he said.
Isaac said he first went to the FBI and there were "many, many steps" between the laptop going to the bureau and the copy of the hard drive being sent to Giuliani: "I don't feel like talking about it now."
Did he want to see this become a big story? "The outcome I wanted was the FBI doing the right thing. Confiscating the equipment—that was the right thing to do….I gave it to them and expected them to do something. They sounded like they wanted it for an investigation...."
"They [the FBI] came in with a subpoena and took it. I wanted that. I wanted it out of my sight. And to have nothing to do with it." So, I asked, you were hoping for an FBI probe and then took other action when you didn't see that happening? "No comment."
"I don’t feel comfortable talking," Isaac said. "It’s not a game I’m comfortable playing. I probably will lose my business. I probably will lose my friends. Who knows what will happen when the sun goes down?"
So does Isaac feel at risk now? "I was putting up plywood boards not too long ago....I imagine a lot of people are unhappy about this. I wasn’t expected to be completely outed....This is never how I wanted this to go. I’ve been trying to keep my mouth shut for a year and a half."
Did Isaac know the NY Post was going to do this story?" Possibly….I understood something was going to happen. I was trying to be out of the loop. I haven’t read the article fully….I wish he [Hunter] had paid his bill."
Isaac says he has no opinion about Giuliani and has never interacted with him. I asked Isaac if he had a political agenda. He said no. "I'm not a political person." Did he have any opinion about Joe Biden. "No," he said.
Isaac refused to provide a clear chronology of what happened with the hard drive and how it reached Giuliani. Reporters, I said, are curious about this key point. He replied, "I was curious, too, and look where it got me."
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