In line to vote along with several hundred others. Line goes around the entire strip mall complex. #VoteEarly
A number of judicial and other candidates are talking to people in line. But they can't go past this point.

Also interesting the Republican candidates are handing out info which doesn't list their party identification. This is a heavily Democratic county.
When every voter enters we are given a stylus so we don't have to touch the computer screens.
I then presented my ID and verified my address and signed in.

Note all the protective gear. Also note I whited out the piece of paper with my personal info on. Not going to share that with the webs.
Apologies for the time delay in this thread, but I didn't want to delay other voters. All following tweets came after I voted.
I was then shown to my voting machine where I put my hygenic stylus into action.

The first vote selection was a no brainer.
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