1. Welcome to today's edition of the White House daily Shadow briefing. With both the WH press office and doctor having gone awol, we're the only show in town. We'll answer the important questions with a twist, the truth, as ugly and unvarnished as it is. Let's start with some
2. Covid news. Looks like the President has completed the family trifecta, infecting his wife and now his son Barron. Living in a Covid hotspot is not a good idea for anyone, especially your family. But the President is not really concerned with his family, he has bigger
3. ambitions, he wants to infect the entire nation and today's good deed is to bring super spreading to the great state of Iowa. Now the President is no dummy, he doesn't want to go to one of the few states where Covid is under control, that would be too much work to spread
4. infection. No, he wants to go to battleground states where Covid is spiking. Like Iowa, Wisconsin, Georgia and Florida. He wants all his people to gather together closely, without masks, so he can at least take some credit for the only statistics that are on the increase,
5. rather than the decline. His message is simple, you have a spike because ignored the problem, but why have just a spike when i can bring turbo super spreading. Only i can can bring herd immunity is the new applause line by the lemmings who are desperate for the disease that
6. @realDonaldTrump conquered. Yep, that ought to turn everything around for him. So let's get to your questions. Q. The President has spoken endlessly about the scandal of unmasking calling it a bigger scandal than watergate. Is he disappointed even Bill Fred Flinstone Barr
7. couldn't find anything illegal or irregular about this so called scandal. A. The President is furious at Barr. He's ruined his major message event for next week. He had a deal with Fox to do an Masked Singer show that revealed who the real traitors were. Barr totally screwed
8. it up. Seriously, i mean he had a serious deal with Fox. But really seriously, @potus always knew there was nothing there and he lied and lied for over a year about it. And guess what, the media covered the lie and then the lie about the lie. So he got what he wanted, he
9. didn't need any indictments to cast doubt on dedicated public servants, suckers he calls them. He is really pissed about the whole Masked Singer thing -- gets great ratings, not as big as the Apprentice though. Q. Is the President concerned his lawyer, @RudyGiuliani is an
10. asset of Russian intelligence and is disseminating false information through the Murdoch empire? A. Why would he be concerned. He himself is an asset. He does want to be sure Rudy isn't getting paid more. That wouldn't sit well with the President. Especially since he's pushed
11. more Russian lies than anyone else. This is all about getting paid. And Trump gets paid. Who do you think he owes the $400 million to. His whole Presidency is a work around plan to repay the debt, and it looks like he'll have it paid off early, a first for Trump.
12. Q. Is the President concerned that the long lines at the polls are sign of enthusiasm to vote him out of office. A. The President is happy with the lines, as he said earlier today, " i love it when a plan comes together." You don't see long lines in the white neighborhoods
13. It's only in the urban neighborhoods, where Trump doesn't want people to vote, that you're seeing them. He's very pleased. He can't really understand why some suckers are waiting10 hours -- what's in it for them? Q. The Washington Post reports with secret video that
14. conservative groups have been working for months to keep people from voting by mail. Is the President concerned about that. A. Not really since he's been doing it in public for 4 years. It's the Russian stuff he wants to keep on the downlow. Q. There are reports that the
15. @realDonaldTrump insisted NBC air their townhall up against the townhall previously announced with Joe Biden on ABC? Is that true, and is that the appropriate use of Presidential power. A. Listen, the President doesn't want to face Biden again face to face, the last debate
16. was such a disaster. To him, it's all about ratings, and he knows people would rather watch a five alarm fire than a thoughful discussion of the issues. At if he gets better ratings, he'll declare victory. The one problem with his theory is the more undecided voters see him,
17. the more they move to Biden. So i kinda expect Biden to be wearing a t-shirt that says vote Biden, turn to NBC. Q. What about NBC's role in all this. A. Caving to Trump is just bad muscle memory. But i think he may have a little surprise when Savannah Guthrie doesn't just
18. roll over. Q. What will the White House staff be watching. A. Thursday Night Covid football. Q. On Covid, is the President concerned that it's now spiking all across the country. A. No, he's got immunity and even before then he didn't give a shit. Just look at what he's
19. everyday. Traveling around the country like a new age super spreader of coronavirus. Bringing it to all corners of the country, letting people know, first hand, how tough he is by beating it by infecting them. Q. The back and forth over the dueling town halls, and
20. the President's tweets, means once again the news cycle is working against him. Does he know the election is less that the election is less than 3 weeks away? A. Unclear, he's been working on a lot of direct mail for blacks that say the election is in December, and he
21. gets confused. Q. The President retweeted a tweet saying Obama had Seal team Six killed after the killed Osama bin Laden. A. Allegedly killed Obama the President believes. Q. Isn't it beneath the office of the Presidency to be tweeting this kind of crazy stuff?
22. A. First, nothing is beneath Donald J Trump. Nothing at all and you should never forget that. But reminding people that Obama/Biden White HOuse got Bin Laden is incredibly sophisticated political strategy. And really dumb. Q. The President told the DC Economic Club that
23. deficits are going down. What evidence does he have for that? A. None actually, they are going up by record amounts thanks to the huge tax giveaway to corporations and the wealthy. When it comes to Trump economic policy just think of it as opposite day. He says he built the
24. greatest economy in American history. His pre covid economy showed slowing economic and job growth from the previous administration and post covid worse than even the depression. He said he won the trade war with China. That's winning if you think paying higher prices and
25. ballooning the trade deficit to China to the highest point in 14 years is winning, yeah i guess he's right, except he's not. He says poverty is down, it's up. He says employment is up, it's not. He says he saved the coal industry, it's still dying. He said manufacturing jobs
26. are up, they're not. He's the George Costanza of American Presidents. Q. Has the President been watching the SCOTUS hearings. A. He watched a little today but turned it off. Q. Why did he turn it off. A. He said she doesn't seem to know shit about anything, he said even i
27. more about climate change, voter suppression, you know the law and stuff. Q. From a political standpoint, does the President regret casting Joe Biden as a senile invalid only to have that proven wrong. A. I asked him today and he wondered who Joe Biden was. He's a little
28. in the post steroid era. Q. Does the President want to tell us why he won't reveal when his last negative covid test was before his infection was revealed? A. Of course not. He needs to hold back something for his book --How i almost ruined America. - Trump in three volumes.
29. You can order it now on the new Trump News Network website that went live earlier today. Every decision he makes from here on in will be driven by building that network. That's about all i have for today. Stay safe out there, i hear there is a madman trying to spread Covid
30. on the loose. If you see him, please report him to the CDC, FDA, DHS or DOJ.
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