░U░N░ ░S░e░c░u░r░i░t░y░ ░C░o░u░n░c░i░l░ ░R░e░s░o░l░u░t░i░o░n░s░ ░o░n░ ░N░a░g░o░r░n░o░ ░K░a░r░a░b░a░k░h░ ░E░x░p░l░a░i░n░e░d░ #NKpeace 🌐
🏳 #Azerbaijan says UN Security Council resolutions of 1993 back up their claims over #Artsakh / #NagornoKarabakh and justify its use of military force. Here’s is what the international lawyers say in the following 7 bullets threaded below? 👇
1️⃣ The UN Security Council adopted 4 resolutions on #NagornoKarabakh (no 822, 853, 874, 884) exercising its main function of maintaining peace and security. 👇
2️⃣ These resolutions confirm that Nagorno-Karabakh (not Armenia!) and Azerbaijan are the parties to the conflict. 👇
3️⃣ The resolutions require withdrawal of Nagorno-Karabakh forces from the ‘occupied’ territories adjacent to Nagorno-Karabakh, NOT Nagorno-Karabakh itself. (Just like you couldn’t ask the English to withdraw from England, unless you suggest ethnic cleansing!). 👇
4️⃣ Nagorno-Karabakh has never been part of an independent Azerbaijan because its population voted out while still under USSR rule according to the laws effective at the time. 👇
5️⃣ Azerbaijan now claims these territories INCLUDING Nagorno-Karabakh referring to the principle of territorial integrity and citing UN SC resolutions. However… 👇
6️⃣ The UN Security Council cannot determine legal or political aspects of a conflict, including territorial claims. It is not within its power. 👇
7️⃣ Nagorno-Karabakh democracy and people are now under threat of imminent and literal annihilation. Their survival can only be ensured through international recognition and peaceful resolution 🏁
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