"guys, we have tacos on every corner here, and president clinton's virus swift reaction team is being attacked by republicans for the 300-person death toll. we're really kind of upset about it. how are things going in your universe?" - our counterparts, throwing shade https://twitter.com/hypervocal/status/1316005888050819072
"everyone saw wonder woman and tenet in the theater. did their wide releases make billions in your universe too?"
"we have to seal it off, they're all infected." https://twitter.com/jamesggilmore/status/1316441855131815937
"after trump lost he just went and did some weird show on alex jones' network. we haven't heard from him in years. is he still a thing in your universe? qanon? no, i can't say i'm familiar with it. president clinton doesn't tweet much."
i dunno why but in my head there's like an apollo-soyuz type conduit between the two universes and we have to shout between realities to speak.
"the proud what? no. maybe they were arrested in the militia sweeps of '18? president clinton did it with the budget surplus, but the republicans threatened to impeach her over it."
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