My last name is Manukyan cause my grandfather's entire family was killed in 1915, when he was only 7. He was kidnapped by someone and pretty much used as a slave, escaped, lived in an orphanage until he was taken in by the Manukyan family. #SanctionTurkey #RecognizeArtsakh
My mom's grandparents were marched out of Turkey with their children. All the children died on road. The youngest of which had asked for a apple. Her dad, desperately searched for one & when he got one back she died before she could take a bite. #SanctionTurkey #RecognizeArtsakh
They had my grandfather (mom’s dad) after reaching Yerevan Armenia. #SanctionTurkey #ArtsakhStrong
The ONLY grandparent of mine who wasn’t affected by the 1915 genocide was my grandmother (mom’s mom) and that’s because she’s Russian. #SanctionTurkey #RecogniseArtsakh
AND my family history isn’t unique. Pretty much every Armenian alive today can fill this thread with stories of their own grandparents/great grandparents #SanctionTurkey #artsakhstrong #StopAzeriAgression
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