Let's dissect 'ACTIVISM' (a thread)

Activism is a political act of expressing one's desire, anger, support, frustration or care.

Activism is (could be) personal (BECAUSE IT'S POLITICAL), it need not be mass scale where you need to discuss laws and policy

Anyone can be activist, actually most of us are, because we are resisting in some way or the other in the system we live in (system= school, family, patriarchy, heteronormativity,....)

Thus gatekeeping activist-y spaces is impossible, even if you try.
The binary of offline and online activism is not useful. Online and offline are not two different things, but are interconnected and it is fluid.

When you say online activism is not real, you are also indirectly saying the harms and violence inflicted online isn't real.

Those w/o privilege of getting 'mainstream' spaces rely on online spaces to express themselves
Those w/o privilege of position in 'table talk' to discuss policies find streets
BUT 'voicing out' or 'going to street' is ableist idea and exclusive of activists with disability
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