Remember that permaculture is co-opted Indigenous knowledge. The founder of this field, Bill Mollison went to Tasmania, Australia to “research” and “learn” from the Indigenous peoples of a small village. He later coined their way of life though this western term.
I completed a “permaculture” certification through an Indigenous womxn program and my instructor got upset at me when I mentioned this. But it is the truth. She told me he “decolonized” this field 😲 Co-optation & stealing Indigenous knowledge isn’t Decolonizing.
Incidents like this are the reason why Indigenous communities don’t trust academics or researchers. It’s funny to me how many researchers & academics turn around to complain about not being trusted...but like I personally don’t trust them neither. 🤭
Also you can find what I tweeted on any permaculture book that mentions how Bill Mollison “created” this field. It isn’t hidden, just not called out or pointed out as much. 🤭
Also don’t ask me for literature or other resources. Please use google instead. Thank you all for not requesting free labor from an Indigenous womxn 🙃😲
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