1. So it started with this: The Many Faces of Kamala.
But you know I can’t stop there. 😏 I got to thinking 🤔 💭...

👉🏻 What’s in a name? Kamala Harris.
Let’s break it down... https://twitter.com/AnjillofLight_/status/1314250371762659328
2. Start w/ Wiki. Kamala Devi Harris.
African American AND Asian American.
Mom biologist from India. (Remember)
Dad a STANFORD 🙄 University Professor. Stanford = MK (C!A Mind Kontrol location)
👉🏻 Devi: generating from moms Hindu religion.
👉🏻 “Recruited” to San Francisco office
3. I’m not going to focus on the Hindu religion at this time.
It is probably very common to add a Hindu goddess name for those that practice that faith. Ties in #symbolism yes, but there’s more...

Served with Dianne Feinstein.
She’s 👉🏻 55.
Sister Maya.
4. Kamala.
Kam 👉🏻 Gender boy.
Ruling planet Pluto 🐶 (next...)
Amala 👉🏻 local indigenous Nigerian food, native to the Yoruba ethnic group. 🤔 Made out of Yam or cassava flour.
Noting: “Y”. Follow the #YHead perhaps.
Also amala 👉🏻 A MINOR official of a law court, in India.
5. Just dropping previous Pluto connects & descriptions. https://twitter.com/AnjillofLight_/status/1230871403471233025
6. An interesting story of a Kamala in India. Remember her mother would most likely know this tale.
2 young “feral” girls were found in Bengal, India, who were allegedly to have been raised by a “wolf” family. Amala & Kamala were rescued from a wolves 🐺 den on October 9th, 1920.
7. Amala at rescue was @ 18 mos old / died at @ 3 yrs old), Kamala at rescue was @ 8 yrs old / died at 17 yrs.
“They never smiled or showed any interest in human company. The only emotion that crossed their faces was fear.” You can read more of their wolf like behavior🐺👇🏻...
8. This is why this story relating “Kamala” name directly to wolves, is so intriguing🐺 🧐
👉🏻 Remember GHWB was known as “Timberwolf.” 🐺Reportedly at the book depository time of JFK assassination. A German “Scherf.”
The eagle 🦅 fights the wolf 🐺

🗣 “TIMBER” goes the “Wolf”? https://twitter.com/AnjillofLight_/status/1245364472946049024
9. There are many “Timber” comms, including the #JFK grandkids singing 🎤 “It’s going down, I’m yelling Timber.” 🎶
It all connects to “Sum of All Fears” & SO MUCH more.

🌲 Timber 👉🏻 Wolf 🐺 👉🏻 Timberwolf.
Timberwolf Gematria 👉🏻 “The Storm Is Upon Us”
You can see the others👇🏻 https://twitter.com/AnjillofLight_/status/1300801841605808129
10. Back to “Kamala” & add to above that this article details that she CHOSE a Chinese name for herself. Really?! A law that requires candidates names to be translated into Chinese for the ballot. And at the suggestion of her longtime Chinese-American friend, Julie D. Soo. 🤔💭
11. Who is this friend of Kamala’s, Julie D Soo?
Well she’s the daughter of late Chinese-American community leader, Stephen Hsi-fen Soo, long time civil engineer for the city’s Department of Public Works. Died 2012. Grad Chinese Naval Academy in 1951 🤔 ...
12. Mr Soo grad Chinese Naval Acad., when he moved to America start of his civilian career he worked for private industry AND for federal gov. at HUNTERS Point Naval shipyard.🤔💭
So b/w 1959-1965 he quickly rose into the federal gov.? Is that normal? Asking for a friend...
13. Did you catch the other things in the article?
📌“The then-Mayor Willie Brown declared February 19th Stephen H. Soo Day in San Francisco.”
📌You remember Willie. Kamalaho does for sure.👇🏻
📌Soo was also FEINSTEIN’s translator & interpreter when Mayor. WHAT ARE the odds?!!
14. Let’s quickly review Dianne Feinstein’s choice of association with Chinese spies, shall we?
(1 of 2) READ 👇🏻

Hello Feinstein 👋🏻 https://twitter.com/michaelbeatty3/status/1181784201072263169
15. Hello, Feinstein
Feinstein + 🇨🇳
“Hanging of flags traditional/occurs in this part of the country for what holiday?” ... Chinese New Year 1999 maybe? The Year of the (Yellow Earth) RABBIT 🐇
👉🏻The year they declared Stephen H. Soo Day.😯
16. @TheHammertime__ adds that even Kamala's father was upset at her playing "identity politics" and very vocal about it. https://twitter.com/TheHammertime__/status/1316452399909806080?s=20
17. There's more to find here. Pretty certain. But that is it for right now. I'll be back on this later if possible...
18. Adding the latest drop 4871 here b/c it relates to National Security, China, the corruption, and their families just like above.

“Why do they always include their spouse, son, daughter, etc?”
“Follow the money”
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