In memorandum of the historic loss of American Indian or Alaska Native (AIAN) lives, we are bringing attention to the lasting impact of North American colonization that continues to create inequalities today. 1/
These groups make up 1.3% of the entire US population, but this map visualizes how much more likely they are to contract COVID in relation to the White population. The darker the region, the larger the disparity between AIAN and White people in the likelihood of contracting COVID
Nationwide, more than 61,000 AIAN people have been reported by the states to have contracted COVID-19, representing approximately 1 in 44 AIAN people in the US.
We expect the true number of cases to be much higher given that 13 states report do not report AIAN data. Currently 18 jurisdictions do not report AIAN data for cases; 5 of those are territories (not shown) and 13 are states (shown).
As we remember the lives lost in the past, this data helps us to rethink how we can do better for these groups in the present.
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