Calling all the #Indian Innovators for a bespoke B2B cum #technologyandinnovation interchange meeting with innovators from #SouthKorea in last week of October 2020. Read on for details:
#GITA in partnership with @KIATKorea , #KETEP and National Research Foundation of Korea ( @NRF_CIA) is delighted to invite you to participate in a virtual #B2B event with Korean companies for partnership and joint development of #innovative products/technologies!
Successful collaborations might avail #FundingOpportunity of upto INR 320 Lakhs per project on Indian side under India – Republic of Korea Joint applied R&D Programme, RFP 2020 funded by @IndiaDST and #MOCI ( @CimGOI) through #GITA
To #collaborate or to showcase your #innovation, download both the forms below, fill in the details and send it to the contact details mentioned at the end of this thread:

📝For partner search in Korea - 
📝For general EoI - 
Industrial #innovators across the following domains are encouraged to apply:

➡️ #Future #Manufacturing
(smart factory, electric vehicles, 3D printing, robotics & automation, advanced materials)

➡️ #Biotechnology and #healthcare
➡️Future Utilities
( #renewableenergy including #Hydrogen and #FuelCells), #EnergyEfficiency, #SmartGrid, Waste-to-Energy (WtE) technologies)

➡️Digital Transformation
(Information & Communication Technologies including #IoT , #AI, Big Data, Software)
For more details contact:

✅[email protected] ( 9810119551)

✅[email protected] (9929222179)

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