There’s #NoGoingBack… so how will companies exit the pandemic with advantage? Paul Patterson, Fujitsu's SVP, Head of Northern and Western Europe discusses life after the pandemic with Costa Coffee's CIO, Phil Scully and journalist @SameenaITV. #FujitsuActivateNow
"During lockdown, what consumers want and how they want it have changed. They don’t want to queue, touch things, queue...and this impacts the technology you use to run a retail business." - Costa Coffee's CIO, Phil Scully at #FujistuActivateNow
"Organisations have moved at pace in their decision-making. They’ve learned that the #technology works. Now it’s time to make sure it is secure, scales for the future and is trusted." - Fujitsu's Paul Patterson during #FujitsuActivateNow
"Trust is fundamental at every part of the journey… we have to trust the #data wherever it moves, and trust that it moves securely." - Costa Coffee's CIO, Phil Scully at #FujistuActivateNow
"Buildings won’t be full of people all the time again. Estimates of 40-60% occupancy in future mean they need to transform into hubs of collaboration. It’s exciting that #technology can help us achieve this." - Fujitsu's Paul Patterson during #FujitsuActivateNow
"I now have 1000 head offices because people will continue to work from home. So where does the corporate boundary end? Strategically we have a direction, but we need to course correct all the time." - Costa Coffee's CIO, Phil Scully at #FujistuActivateNow
"By using #technology we can access talent from around the globe. This allows us to change the future. We can change the dynamics of our industries through greater diversity and inclusion and this is very exciting." - Fujitsu's Paul Patterson during #FujitsuActivateNow
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