1/ ♀️ Gender and Urban Transport
👉 A short introduction

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2/ Against the common belief, transport is not gender neutral! Women and men have different needs, pre-conditions and restrictions which need to be considered when planning and designing sustainable mobility for all.
3/ When implementing gender-sensitive transport systems, different aspects need to be considered. These include the economic situation of women, differences in travel patterns, the higher reliance of women on public transport and higher safety and security concerns.
4/ What actions are recommended to establish gender-sensitive transport planning?
-Dev. of Gender Action Plan (GAP)
-Definition of targets (prioritization of areas and specific activities)
-Review of inst. and legal framework
-Involvement of stakeholders
-Data Collection
5/ The 5 Principles to Empower Women in Transport illustrate how women’s needs in transport can and should be catered for!
6/ Find inspiring female role models in the 'Remarkable Women in Transport' publication: https://womenmobilize.org/publications/ 
7/ Want to network with like-minded people, share knowledge and exchange on the topic of gender and mobility? Join the Women Mobilize Women LinkedIn-Group and connect with experts, decision-makers and activists from all over the world! https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8773386/ 
8/ To learn more, download our iNUA Factsheet #3 “Gender and Urban Transport”, which provides more guidance on the topic.
9/ Want to dive in even deeper? The Module 7a discusses approaches for Gender Responsive Urban Mobility, focusing on smart and affordable solutions to address the topic of gender and mobility! Download here: https://www.sutp.org/publications/approaches-for-gender-responsive-urban-mobility-gender-and-urban-transport-smart-and-affordable/
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