"Bonding between Bharat & Israel
Unique & Pure"
#Israel has always been the greatest friend & ally of Bharat & has always offered it's unconditional support to it every time irrespective of the situation always. (1/n)
It has stood behind Bharat at the toughest of the times, when the whole world was against it & it was going through diplomatic turbulence with many countries especially the era of 90s when our neighbors were creating ruckus across the border(2/n) .
The Arms Diplomacy by Israel led to the warming up of relations in 1992 mainly post 1991 when the economy was opened up.
However, it is another reason which has bridged the divide between the two countries and fostered a long conducive relationship in recent years.(3/n)
The actual real warming of relations occurred under Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Benjamin Netanyahu towards the end of the 20th century. The friendship started to flourish more at that time(4/n)
Who can forget the #KargilWar of 1999 when Israel proved to be an important and reliable partner during the conflict by quickly providing India with necessary mortar ammunition and apparently also with laser-guided missiles for its fighter jets. (5/n)
In recent times too they had offered unconditional support to Bharat in their war against Pakistan. Who could forgot the #Balakot Air Strikes which were carried out with precision. That time too Israel offered it's latest technology Spice 2000 EO/GPS-guided guidance kit (6/n)
This helped in completely destroying & dismantling the terror camps which had been running for many years . The ammunitions helped us to give an edge over our enemies in completely destroying them(7/n)
Israel has always helped in the upgradation of our forces with their latest state of the art technology. The Corner Shot Assault rifle is a famous weapon nowadays & other Two new Israeli assault rifles Arad and Carmel are now set to be manufactured in our country. (8/n)
Not just in Defense only Israel is helping Bharat 360 degrees in almost all the areas whether it's agriculture, science or technology & health sectors too. We are sharing our knowledge & information with our friend too . (9/n)
In Agriculture too Israel is sharing it's experience & knowledge with us Bharat and Israel are jointly developing new crop varieties and sharing post harvest technologies following the success of the 10-year-old Indo-Israeli Agriculture Project (IIAP)(10/n)
The project includes growing cherry tomatoes in Haryana, rejuvenating mango orchards in Maharashtra and demonstrating to Indian farmers the effectiveness of state-of-the-art irrigation technologies(11/n)
In Medical Science & Research too Israel has been our reliable partner & have helped us a lot in achieving various results.The supply of advanced medical equipment to Bharat & the help of Israeli researchers to develop a rapid testing solution for COVID-19 are examples(12/n)
So in a nutshell Israel is more like a brother to Bharat than a friend who are constantly with us & will always be there .We will be growing together & achieve more new heights in the future too.We are indebted to our friend for the help.Long Live #IndiaIsrael friendship. (13/n)
(Pic source & other Information Internet)
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