#Azerbaijan loves talking about #Khojali - and one day, when I have the time, I'll try to talk about it too, but be honest about it - the topic is marred in propaganda and disinformation. But this time, let's talk about the photographic evidence Azerbaijan represents. (thread)
Armenians took #Khojali , so how does #Azerbaijan have so many photographs?
This is the story of one of those photos.
On March 2019, the Azerbaijani embassy in Iran organized an exhibition of photographs allegedly representing the events of Khojali (thread)
At least one of those photographs might seem familiar to you. It shows a woman kneeling at the body of a dead child.

You might have seen it before - as a featured photo on English, Farsi and Vietnamese Wikipedia. It was a featured photo on EN Wikipedia on 24 April 2015 (thread)
Here's the picture as represented on Wikipedia, and here's its link on Wikimedia Commons:
It represents an Armenian woman kneeling beside her dead child during the events of #ArmenianGenocide. (thread)
So here's a quick recap: #Azerbaijan demands that the world believes them, when they talk about #Khojali, but presents photographs from #ArmenianGenocide as photographic evidence. It is not just a lie, it is not just propaganda. It is as morally bankrupt as it gets. (thread)
So when you ask yourselves, who to believe, remember this photograph. #StopAzerbaijaniAggression, #RecognizeArtsakh. (end of thread)
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