I may be hurting many people here but i think SSR’s family has been fooled by the Modi govt if there is any truth in @Soumyadipta ’s tweet. And i feel what he is saying is true. I think the family was told to file case in Bihar for abetment (although family knew it was murder)
Do you remember law minister RS prasad was the first politician to meet SSR’s father in Patna. I think the family was given assurance that once case is transferred to CBI it will be converted to murder. Family perhaps trusted them fully
Now As per @pdrani15 who is fighting relentlessly for Justice for Sridevi , Its RS Prasad who is stalling the case of sridevi. Who is RS prasad ? He is brother of Anuradha prasad (wife of Congress leader Rajiv Shukla) .
BJP wanted the CBI not for justice to SSR , but yo use it for political purpose like to arm twist Penguins and use it in Bihar elections. After DF meeting with Raut and possible deal between them , CBI and all other agencies went all slow .
This is the reason why Bhai Kasai is seen mocking common people.
Also double faced people like Xiomi were active for their isn vested interest. I dont know if he influenced Dr Gupta or not and whether he is doing face saving exercise now by questioning health ministry
But one thing is sure that everybody has cooked their rotis on SSR’s pyre, except for commin people like you and me who have no personal stake in this whole issue. This case has made me realize how helpless we common people are in front of this cabal
We are nothing but coolies and fodder for them. Do they look at us as bunch of gullible people who can be manipulated or forced to do what they want us to do ? I am sad today ! I only trust Mahadev now ! We need divine intervention. Mahadev pls help !! (End thread)
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