For my horror movie fans, here’s a thread of some of my favorite movie recommendations. I’m gonna try to stray from the basic horror movies and cult classics but if I add them, oh well they’re good. (Some you can find on Netflix/Hulu)
Stay alive (2006) A group of friends play a video game where you need to calculate your every movie because if you die in the game, then it’s GAME OVER. Keep in mind for it’s time, the graphics were amazing so don’t judge.
13 ghosts (2001) ONE OF MY FAVORITES!!!! A billionaire who lives secluded in the middle of nowhere leaves in his will that he has an estate made entirely of glass and satanic symbols. Beware what lies in the basement, hope you’re not scared of some killer ghosts with revenge.
Mirrors (2008) Is your reflection in the mirror truly yours or a supernatural being? Basically if you stare at yourself in the mirror, your reflection will come to life and murder you viciously. Watching this as a kid made me not want to look in the mirror ever again
The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016) Everything about this movie was fucking perfect. A father and son give a girl an autopsy and uncover horrible secrets. The actresses was beautiful and so much weird shit happens as the film progresses Can’t say much without spoiling but the ending🤯
The omen (remake 2006) a rich family adopts a child but this kid isn’t no ordinary kid, he is literally the spawn of satan. Creepy af! And you literally root for the mom and dad throughout the movie. FUCK DEM KIDS
The Green Inferno (2013) GRAPHIC! If you squeamish don’t watch, or do idc. Some college kids find themselves stranded in Peru’s amazon forest and a native tribe capture them. Oh and they’re cannibals btw :) the ending had me mad
Girl on the Third Floor (2019) if you think you have an idea where this movie is going, you are wrong. First off the main actor is fine as hell. The house needs repairing but the house itself has a creepy historic past. Very feminist film lowkey, so good and trippy and WEIRDD
Open water (2003) shark movie time, I like it because it’s different than most shark movies. The main focus isn’t the sharks but survival. A couple goes snorkeling with a group but they get left behind in the middle of the ocean where sharks lurk. This movie will give u ANXIETY
Veronica (2017) “based on a true story” A Spanish film where a girl attends a catholic school and plays the ouija while there’s an eclipse to speak to her dad. The imagery in this movie is immaculate and spoiler alert: it wasn’t her dad she summoned, shocking I know.
I’ll continue tomorrow, my insomnia wearing off
House of 1000 corpses (2003) This is not ur average slasher movie, the aesthetics are 👨🏻‍🍳👌🏻 chefs kiss and it’s trippy, hot, good soundtrack, and gory deaths. Honestly watch it high. Some kids get stranded and are captured by a red neck killer cult family. Iconic af !
Terrifier (2016) Yo this fucking movie, MAD CREPPY! A killer clown on the loose captures these 2 girls on Halloween after a night of partying and tortures the FUCK out of them. The deaths in this movie are some SAW type of deaths, amazing special effects! Huge plot twist ending!
Disturbia (2007) Young Shia LaBeouf! If u didn’t watch this as a kid u missed out forreal lol. Shia is under house arrest for fighting his teacher and notices sketchy activity from one of his neighbors. Plans a whole operation to see if his suspicions are true. is he right?
Goodnight Mommy (2014) German mystery film. Twin boys resent and are scared of their mother for reasons unknown. The tone of the movie throughout is very eerie and you are gonna be very confused at first but the ending had me shook! Kinda sad but HUGE plot twist ending
Legion (2010) if u pay close enough attention, the characters in this movie are based off from the Bible. A pregnant ladies unborn baby is humanity’s last hope and there are Angels trying to protect it and Demons trying to kill it. Cool special effects and lowkey bad ass film
Vivarium (2019) this movie will make u mad as hell! Ending is VERY trippy. A couple is house hunting then fumbles upon a real estate agent who shows them a house but they soon find out after hours and days of going in circles, they can’t escape the neighborhood. Different & fresh
Cam (2018) it’s not scary but it has horror elements. Imagine if you had a successful only fans but then u log in one day and see ur entire account and identity is taken by an imposter that looks exactly like u! It’s creepy because it technically could happen. Great aesthetics
Shark night (2011) Another shark movie. Ngl kinda cheesy but it’s a fresh spin from other shark movies. College students go to a lake house and discover that the lake has been dumped with a variety of different hungry sharks. Not the BEST movie ever but shark movies never are.
Deep Blue Sea (1999) Prolly last shark movie I’m gonna add. Scientists in an underwater facility test on sharks to increase their intelligence. The sharks attack the facility and it’s every man/woman for themselves. I’m gonna continue this thread later at night. Good movie tho.
The Cabin in the Woods (2011) ok let’s continue I’m bored. Top tier movie IMO. This movie is so clever because it basically reveals that all scary movies of all sub genres are in the same universe. Don’t get me started on the elevator scene! If u know u know 🩸🩸🩸
Devil (2010) 5 strangers get stuck in an elevator and one by one they get picked off by the devil disguised as one of them. The strangers uncover their mysterious and horrible pasts but is that enough for the devil to spare them? Really good movie and you will be surprised!
Drag Me to Hell (2009) an elderly woman curses the main protagonist for not being able to help her and if she doesn’t get rid of the curse, demons will take her to hell. I remember being really scared of this movie as a kid, also the ending has a plot twist !
As Above So Below (2014) Takes place in Paris Catacombs and some explorers suddenly can’t find their way out. This movie is cool because it’s based off of Dante’s Inferno which basically talks about the 9 circles of Hell, each more gruesome than the next. Great movie
House of Wax (2005) For starters, Paris Hilton is in it and her screams are the best part. This is a crazy slasher film where the killer turns his victims into a living wax museum. The scene where he cuts off a girls finger is forever ingrained in my memory.
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