Now let's come to depiction of Hindu-Muslim marriage in pop culture or such incidences in real life. #LoveJihad theory is fake. But it is an expression of a real problem: Far less Muslim woman are allowed to marry Hindu men. THIS IS TRUE AS SKY IS BLUE. #TanishqAd
THIS IS TRUE AS SKY IS BLUE that on those rarest of rare occasion where a Muslim woman dared to fall in love with Hindu man, he was killed by her family. Ankit Saxena, Rahul Rajput etc. Theory of #LoveJihad is fake, but they fuel the lies anger hate on solid grounds. #TanishqAd
THIS IS TRUE that Muslim community is closed, they do not allow their daughters to marry out of choice, let alone marry a Hindu. It is acceptable to bring a woman of other religion but not allow Mus woman to go to other religion leaving Islam.
As long as you'll keep your door closed not allowing any intermingling, opportunist leaders will fuel hate against you outside your door, to instigate impressionable minds. #LoveJihad #InterFaith #WorkBothWays #OpenUpYourReligion #EndOrthodoxy
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