This lady is one of the reasons I never lose faith in this country. Suhasini Mistry, former daily wage labourer, receiving a Padma Shri in 2018 for a hospital she started in Hanspukur. Suhashini lost her husband in the early 70s when there was no hospital close to their village
For over two decades she worked as a manual labourer housemaid & vegetable seller to save 20,000 rupees to build a charity hospital in Hanspukur. It started with 1 acre of land donated by her and the villagers pitching in with whatever they could spare.
This is what this hospital in Hanspukur now looks like. Suhashini's son Ajoy qualified as a doctor, but she continued to sell vegetables to bring in money for her hospital. Recently, she was persuaded to give up, so she now works in the hospital, tending to the patients.
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