Bengalis be like ooh we are so progressive until BOOM one of the children marries an obangali and the whole family erupts in cries of "eyy maa Paaaanjabi????" or "Saaaaauth Indian meye???"
And then some other relative will invariably counter that with "ei nana paanjabi chhele ra kintu barir onek kaaj kore" or "South Indian meye ra chup chap thake kintu" which will be countered with "kintu rajma Chawal kheye thakte hobe toh" or "roj roj idli sambar khawabe toh"
And eventually they will turn to the still single kids in the family and go "dekh tora ektu cheshta kor bangali biye korte, dactar ba lawiyyer" and when that idea meets resistance someone will invariably say "thik achhe baba Aar jai hok musholman biye korish na"
And when the kids say hey why not nothing wrong with that don't be a bigot they will immediately be convinced that that means said kid DEFINITELY has already PLANNED to marry a musholman and they MUST have a musholman gaarlfriend or boyfriend and begin to investigate and holler
for their moms going "AIIII edike aye edike aye ei tor chhele/meye ta ki bolchhe dekh o Musholman biye korbe" and then more and more relatives collect and they all sit around discussing what to do about this certainly not hypothetical musholman bf/gf or worse secret husband/wife
And eventually you just make desperate eye contact with the cousins and you all just decide that it's time to collectively get the hell out of there in the pretext of going to buy mishti or paan.
Meanwhile, the kakus/mashis dadus/didas who *have* already done interfaith and inter community marriages have long since stopped showing up for these family gatherings altogether.
All of this moments after they gushed all over the SHAHEB jamai one of the girls have managed to "catch" and hovered over him while he eats his lunch offering to knata bnechhe dao from his parshe machh and making praise eyes to each other because o ma ki shundor haat diye khachhe
The legend of the SHAHEB jamai re "oma janish ki shundor haath diye shaak, dal, chochchori shob khelbo??" will continue to be narrated for some time to come
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