And it's not just the press.

It's ALL OF TRUMP'S ENEMIES in every single field.

Every day, in every way, Democrats do and say things that make it impossible for sane people to vote for Biden.

I didn't see this when it came out:
Make sure to not let it get to you.

It's VERY important to see what Biden has in store for us.
These people are all TRAINED TO DO THIS.

That's why it's so important to NEVER EVER EVER engage them.

If you want to go out and protect a statue or monument, here are the basic rules:
1. Wear earplugs.

2. Stand with your backs against the structure you're protecting.

3. Pray or sing in unison.

Sure, it's infuriating.

This guy has the ultimate Backpfeifengesicht.

German for "a face badly in need of a fist in it."

The goal is to get the hyperpartisan press to write that a poor black man was attacked by white supremacists.


We had a civil war, for God's sake. If you can't ride THIS out, how can you call yourself an American?
People are insisting that we MUST play right into the hands of leftist agitators.

Well, YOU can, if you want.

I can see exactly what they're doing, so I'm not fooled.

And even at this late date, they STILL don't trust Trump.
Endless bitching.

Ungrateful bastards.

Spineless, gutless, WEAK SISTERS.

Little kids in the car.

"Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?"


To win, Trump must be UNORTHODOX.
"Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent's fate."

--Sun Tzu, The Art of War
"Prohibit the taking of omens, and do away with superstitious doubts. Then, until death itself comes, no calamity need be feared."

--Sun Tzu, The Art of War
If the country chooses Biden, YOU CAN'T STOP IT FROM HAPPENING.

So put it out of your mind.

But it's not going to happen.

This is 2016 all over again. The polling hasn't been "adjusted" because it CAN'T be adjusted.
1. People change their minds at the last second.

2. Most Trump supporters refuse to be polled.

3. First-time voters can't be polled.
Pollsters can't gauge Trump's level of support.


The history of the 2016 election has been rewritten.

Hillary was NOT hated. She won the popular vote.

She was NOT a terrible campaigner. She was par for the course.
Watch the legendary Young Turks election-night meltdown.

They started out by saying the election was just a formality, and by the end they were saying that she was the worst candidate who'd ever run.

TO THIS DAY, Trump's enemies refuse to admit that SHE didn't lose.

Trump EARNED his victory.

This is why I'm sick to death of hearing his alleged supporters still expressing doubt.

Deep down you think he's incompetent.

No match for...Nancy Pelosi.

You'll NEVER be convinced.

And THAT is a TERRIBLE deficit.
It means you refuse to take in new information.

You're cognitively rigid.

Biden is a FAR WORSE candidate than Hillary, he's senile, his platform is political suicide, and his supporters are rabid zombie Brownshirts.

Why doesn't that register?
The press is now totally insane.

The Democrats are now totally insane.

Biden keeps telling people to not vote for him.

A solid majority of Americans think they're better off NOW than they were four years ago.

Only 32 percent said they're worse off.

That means Trump will get AT LEAST 68 percent of the vote.

Gallup also says THIS:
"The prediction of a Trump victory is not consistent with the average of recent national presidential vote-preference polls, which show Biden with a significant lead..."
" is consistent with Americans' expectation of a victory for the incumbent president in every race in which one has been running."
IN OTHER WORDS, the polls showing both Biden leading AND the preferred candidate are fake.

In my city, there are "HELP WANTED" and "NOW HIRING" signs everywhere.

In the midst of California's deranged lockdown.

Trump wins in a landslide on election night.

"I hope you're right!"


"I'm worried about the Democrats stealing the election!"
The unspoken part of "I hope you're right" is "but you're wrong."


Take it somewhere else.

And it's logistically impossible to steal a national election, ESPECIALLY when it won't be close.

Trump left nothing up to chance.

The Democrats are tapped out.

Time to NOT express your defeatism to me.
It's time to DANCE.

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