i'm doing the bangtan as medical specialties thread because if i want this niche content to exist i'll have to make it myself, and my department chair didn't praise me as a go-getter today for nothing
jin - anesthesiology; he realized anesthesiology had the best ratio of effort to reward out of all his options and now spends his days playing Fate Grand Order on his phone while intermittently checking vitals in the OR and cracking agonizing jokes about know how best to abuse
prescription drugs. can you tell if they're based off personal experience? you can't

yoongi - psychiatry or family med because he's a bleeding heart who actually WANTS to deal with the nuances of a patient's social determinants of health. his appointments constantly run over but
at least his patients like him if his clinic staff doesn't

hoseok - legendarily passed out 8 hours into a 20 hour total exenteration before deciding surgery was not an option. had a revelation on labor and delivery and burst into inconsolable and joyous tears at the cry of a
newborn even though the baby's first act was to pee all over his surgical gown. went into general peds and spends his days squishing the teddy bear on his lanyard to distract babies while he looks in their ears

namjoon - went into med school to pursue an MD/PhD despite having
completed a masters before medical school. started an internal medicine residency before transferring into neurology because he just thought the pathologies were so interesting. has plans to pursue an undecided fellowship. he is approaching 40 and still has not had a real job
jimin - surgical oncology. he eats an 8 hour whipple's procedure for breakfast and does an 8 hour HIPEC for dinner because he doesn't have time for lunch, fuck you. he is the only surgeon in the hospital who uses a size 5.5 glove.

taehyung - palliative care; gets all of jimin's
terminal patients. terrifyingly adept at facilitating deathbed familial reconciliations.

jungkook - orthopedic surgery, because he wants to make sure every little old lady in the world lives without back pain, one screw at a time. if you ask him what an a1c is, he'll cry.
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