Vernon Coleman - 'And though I am no lawyer, it seems to me that there must be a case that our governments and their advisors should be taken to court and charged with malfeasance or misfeasance – whichever seems most appropriate. In the UK, I hope and believe that 1/6
within months Johnson, Hancock and the rest of our disreputable government will be starting long prison sentences. Politicians in Scotland and Wales will not escape, and Government advisors will also spend their last years making number plates or sewing mailbags. Staff at 2/6
the BBC will not be immune since the BBC is in essence a state broadcaster and has a responsibility to provide fair and balanced information. The penalties for malfeasance or misfeasance can be very severe and involve many years in prison. Editors and news editors should 3/6
prepare for a long stay at Her Majesty’s Pleasure. And lower level civil servants should be worried too. Defendants at Nuremburg learned that `I was following orders’ doesn’t cut it as a defence. Thousands of snotty bureaucrats, brutal police officers and dancing 4/6
health workers are going to have to acquire a taste for porridge. Let’s hope that lawyers watching this start taking action now – before this scandal gets even worse and thousands more die unnecessarily. In addition, I suspect, several million people will be entitled to take 5/6
legal action for damages. Those who have lost relatives to this crime will be able to sue for millions. And those whose businesses have been ruined will also be able to sue. (from ) 6/6
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