21 Los Angeles locations that look eerily familiar to any horror movie fan, including:
∙The infamous hedge in John Carpenter’s #Halloween
∙The Griffith Park caves (seen in everything from #TheHillsHaveEyes to #ArmyOfDarkness)
∙The #AHS murder house https://bit.ly/3nLHnQl 
#AmericanHorrorStory season one is set at this “murder house” that belonged to a surgeon who performed gruesome procedures in its filthy basement. Built in 1908 and known as the Rosenheim House, it appears in #SixFeetUnder, #BuffyTheVampireSlayer and more https://bit.ly/3nLHnQl 
Luckily for horror filmmakers, one of the most iconic locations is just a short trip from studio lots. Griffith Park’s Bronson Caves were used in Eli Roth’s #CabinFever, #TheHillsHaveEyes, #ArmyOfDarkness and more. They also served as Adam West’s Batcave https://bit.ly/3nLHnQl 
The house the coven of sisters on #Charmed shared was a large, ancestral Victorian mansion located in San Francisco. In reality, the Angelino Heights house is situated in L.A.’s Echo Park, on the same street as the house from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” https://bit.ly/3nLHnQl 
#TheConvent, a cheesily enjoyable horror movie, finds sorority sisters and frat guys menaced by demonic nuns. The Alpha Delta Die house is really L.A.’s Beckett Mansion, located across the street from where Wes Craven shot #ThePeopleUnderTheStairs https://bit.ly/3nLHnQl 
In an outstanding year for horror, 1985’s #Ghoulies stood out for its family-friendly humor. In this #Gremlins knock-off, the monster-infested mansion where the Ghoulies live was just down the street from the #NightmareOnElmStreet house https://bit.ly/3nLHnQl 
Although John Carpenter’s #Halloween is set in the fictional town of Haddonfield, the slasher was shot around South Pasadena. The infamous Myers house, where 6-year old Michael killed his sister, is smaller than it appears in the film, but just as spooky https://bit.ly/3nLHnQl 
Laurie Strode’s friendly and accommodating home is situated only a few blocks away from Michael Myers’ house. The current owners graciously leave plastic pumpkins on their front porch year-round for fans to use as props when taking photos at the location https://bit.ly/3nLHnQl 
In one of the most memorable #Halloween moments, teenage babysitters Laurie, Annie, and Lynda walk home from school and spot Michael Myers lurking ominously behind a hedge. That memorable shrub stands to this day and can be found in South Pasadena https://bit.ly/3nLHnQl 
#ANightmareOnElmStreet is set in the fictional town of Springwood, but the film was shot in Hollywood. The house where house where beloved final girl Nancy lived isn’t even on Elm Street https://bit.ly/3nLHnQl 
John Marshall High School in Los Feliz is where Nancy Thompson and her soon-to-be-murdered friends studied before falling victim to Freddy Krueger. The location also appears in #Grease, #PrettyInPink, & #iCarly https://bit.ly/3nLHnQl 
#ThePeopleUnderTheStairs is set primarily in this West Adams mansion. Wes Craven’s freaky horror comedy tells the story of an incestuous pair of landlords subsisting on a diet of human flesh https://bit.ly/3nLHnQl 
#Phantasm is Don Coscarelli’s drive-in classic about strange creatures and deadly flying spheres that terrorize Morningside Cemetery. Fans are advised to take caution when visiting the location, however, since the site is reportedly haunted in real life https://bit.ly/3nLHnQl 
Unlike the gothic abodes seen in #TheHaunting and #TheChangeling, the #Poltergeist house looks more like the Brady Bunch home than it does a traditional haunted dwelling, which makes the terror much more relatable https://bit.ly/3nLHnQl 
The former Japanese Union church was a pivotal location in #PrinceOfDarkness. Now home to the East West Players theater group, the church was built in 1923 and has been a centerpiece of the area’s Little Tokyo Japanese American community ever since https://bit.ly/3nLHnQl 
In #TheRing’s chilling opening scene, a teenager admits to watching a cursed videotape before she meets her untimely end when an evil spirit crawls out of a TV and frightens her to death. The unforgettable scene takes place at a house L.A.’s Hancock Park https://bit.ly/3nLHnQl 
At the climax of the iconic “Thriller” video, Michael Jackson and his dancing army of undead, flesh-hungry ghouls overrun this abandoned Angelino Heights house. The neighborhood is home to dozens of well-preserved Victorian homes often used for filming https://bit.ly/3nLHnQl 
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