Oh I somehow missed my yearly exhortation:

If you work in tech, you are likely underinsured on term life. You should have plural million dollars of coverage, including *outside* coverage offered by your employer. This is so cheap you will barely notice it.
One hour of effort to set up or less every 10, 15, or 20 years. The physical will come to you or you'll be able to do it without a physical if you're young and healthy.

(I got $1M through Ethos w/o a physical and I'm older and in less great shape than many reading this.)
Cannot bang this drum enough because: black swans do happen to young and healthy people in our line of work. I have seen young families whose primary breadwinner I knew through the Internet in a pass-the-hat situation.

If you have people/causes who need your money, get it done.
Note: you may be upsold by sales reps into other insurance products. You want *term life.*

It is one of the best products ever created by the financial industry: does only one thing ("Pay $X if you die before Y years are up; monthly premium never changes") and does it cheaply.
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