THREAD on content of what EPP-RE-S&D MEPs have negotiated on the #FutureofCAP and why this surrender to intensive agriculture interests must be stopped
"Maintenance", not protection, of #peatlands means taxpayers will still be paying for drained peatlands, currently 25% of ag GHG emissions
They delete the need for farmers to have a tool for more sustainable use of nutrients, as a condition for public support. Agriculture is the biggest source of nitrate pollution in watering the EU, responsible for dead zones and toxic algae
They reduce #Space4Nature, the key solution for biodiversity, to just 5% on arable land (excluding 40% EU agricultural land). They then sneak in all the greenwashing of the last CAP reform in a footnote
Ban on plouging converting permanent #grasslands in Natura 2000 sites (protected areas for nature) is lifted. So more biodiversity and carbon rich grasslands in nature reserves under threat of conversion to maize fields
Member states are actively PREVENTED from setting a more effective environmental baseline for subsidies
#Ecoshemes will have to prove themselves on economic criteria to be funded... as if the fact that most of the money going to economic objective was not enough
Ecoshemes will go to funding the industry's new spraying machines that could at worse do active damage if used for the wrong ends (even more precisely killing all insects and weeds for example).
Perhaps one of the most shocking and spiteful to environment - in the unlikely event that agri ministries are queuing up to fund environmental schemes, they shall be PREVENTED by maximum spends on environmental measures
Non environment payments (ANCs) will count towards the environmental budget, de facto decreasing it. What's more, Member states will be forced to spend min 30% on economic and competitiveness objectives
Nearly there...
Then the BIG bombshell comes - Member states will have to spend 60% on basic income suppor, which all goes to the most profitable and intensive farming regions.
Sorry for the length but this is about how 400bn of taxpayers money is going to be spent in the make or break decade for #climate and #biodiversity. Dont leave us with another bill in 7 years to clean up all the mess. That's not #ClimateJustice or #ClimateAction
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