They were warned. From Day One.

#Resisters, do you remember back in the first days of The Trump Regime when late on the night of January 3, 2017 the Republican House tried to strip the Office of Government Ethics of all its oversight?
Remember how shocked they were when we lit up the Congressional phone lines and the slimy bastards had to abandon their efforts in the dead of night? That scared the hell outta them. Remember? #OurFirstVictory

They should've realized then what they were up against.
Remember Trump’s renamed “National Day of Patriotic Devotion” (aka inauguration) and how no one showed up, not even the Bikers for Trump?
Remember the next day when 2.5 million women showed up in Washington, and another 1.5 million gathered around the country to protest the illegitimate orange man squatting in the People’s House? Remember pink pussy hats? #TheWomensMarch #ASeaOfPink
Remember how we showed up in droves at airports during the Muslim Ban? #NotTodayMutherfucker

Remember when we freaked out Trump by flooding the White House with cards and postcards in protest of his illegitimate “presidency”? How staff had to hide them from 45*?
Remember when they turned off the White House phones? Did we not laugh our asses off at Trump's cowardice and fragile ego? #BunkerBoy

And then, remember how we turned the House blue in the 2018 midterms? #ABeautifulSight #BlueWave
We #TheResistance have stood up to every assault on our country and fought back. We have withstood every soul-crushing onslaught and rebounded. Bloodied and beaten, somehow we have always stood back up, and found the strength and resolve to fight again. #WeAreRelentless
The American people are a fierce Beast. Formed in the fires of revolution, valor is in our DNA.

Not once have we backed down from The Good Fight.

We.Are.Americans. We don’t run. We fight. And we sure as hell won’t let these vicious criminals remain in power.
We fight to constantly improve this imperfection union, this concord we made amongst ourselves that is as alive today as it was the day we made it 240 years ago.
They woke this Beast on November 8, 2016. And ever since that day as we fought and protested, we seethed with anger and outrage at the temerity of these mofos trying to break our country. #TheirFuckingAudacity
Patiently we waited. We thought Mueller would take down the Trump Regime. We thought impeachment would take down the lawless conman.
These were crushing blows, but we held onto each other, and seething, patiently waiting, knowing our day to act would come.

And it’s here! Our day is here.

This #VoterSuppression bullshit? They think they’ve got us licked, don’t they? They think we’ll stay home. That a pandemic and a day-long wait is too much, that we’ve grown soft.
The Trump Regime and its GOP enablers think we’re gonna let them steal another election. #TheirFuckingAudacity #NotTodayMutherfucker
But they’ve awoken the Beast. And we won’t leave until every single #Vote is cast, no matter what it takes. Because we know that every vote counts, that every person counts in this country.
We’ve outspent them. We’ve out organized them. They are quaking in their beds at night. The Beast is breathing down their necks, standing in lines, casting ballots left and right. They cannot stop us because #WeAreRelentless and we will #VoteLikeYourLifeDependsOnIt
The Beast is poised to pounce in numbers too great to ignore. No one will stay home or skip this historic moment. We've waited for 4 years. No amount of suppression or pandemic will keep us from wiping them.

They should have seen us coming. They were warned. From Day One.

#TheResistanceIsRising #BlueWave2020
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