I just want to spend the last 7 weeks of 2020 laughing my ass off that President Edgelord was defeated by seniors who don't post and all the celebs whom Twitter's cool kids have deemed Cringe. https://twitter.com/PhilipRucker/status/1316071636555227140
Dems basically built a round-the-clock small-dollar fundraising telethon powered by Xillennial icons who have tons of free time because all their productions are shut down.

There will be studies linking Arizona's flip to blue was thanks to a Zoom cast reunion of Doogie Howser.
fuckin lol https://twitter.com/browardpolitics/status/1316476906871631872?s=19
I know! It's middle income folks with A BIT of disposable cash who drop hundreds here and there on campaigns in a desperate bid to reach parity with the other side's $50k a plate fundraisers. All of it an opportunity cost. Unsustainable. https://twitter.com/the__dude98/status/1316561227196379136
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