Make no mistake: Moderna’s top executives have been profiteering from this pandemic from the beginning. And the Trump administration has helped by continuing to funnel taxpayer money to the drug corporations without any strings attached. 2/
Just like in July, Moderna executives and insiders continue shamelessly selling off inflated stock shares to make a profit in the middle of the worst public health crisis this country has seen in a lifetime. 3/
Billions of our taxpayer dollars have already been handed over to Moderna and competing Big Pharma corporations to develop a coronavirus vaccine, but the Trump Administration refuses to guarantee that the medicine will be affordable for everyone. 4/
The American people continue to foot the bill, while millionaires like Moderna’s Chief Medical Officer Tal Zaks just get richer -- $1 million more each week--even before a vaccine hits the market. 5/
And at this point, we know that President Trump and his team of pharma cronies have no intention of holding these corporations accountable. It’s up to Congress to take action. 6/
This type of brazen profiteering is yet another reason for the growing bipartisan demand for bold government action to reign in #BigPharma’s monopoly control over RX pricing. Because time after time, drug corps like Moderna put their profits ahead of people. Enough is enough. 7/7
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