Modi govt is giving opportunities served on a platter to @RahulGandhi which he can use to present an alternative to pro corporate anti people govt. He can unite Muslims, Dalits, farmers, migrant labourers, marginalized women all on common planks of human development index.
HDI is different from the GDP we chase all the time. Modi is a late comer, he is trying to do everything that was supposed to work in 90s. Privatisation, disinvestment, flouting of labour welfare and environment laws to make it easy for capitalists to investment less gain more.
Globally, these methods are being rejected. US, UK are speaking up for social welfare, health care. Those nations have reached the pinnacle of aggressive GDP chasing but now demanding govt intervention specially during COVID.
Economists have by now rejected the idea that as rich become richer, some benefits would trickle down to poor, that rich corporate would create jobs. This is totally wrong. Trickle down economy don't work, rich become richer, poor poorer. Welfare economy is the best economy.
All of Modi's actions in 6 years are backdated, they have been already proven as failures. On other hand, Rahul Gandhi/Cong's idea of direct cash in hand is new age models. But dumb nation often laugh at anybody saying smart things ahead of its time.
. @RahulGandhi has been saying things ahead of India's time of mass political enlightenment. That's not bad, but he needs to communicate that to the last voter. Not via poll speeches or 3 mins video, he has to turn into one of those motivational speakers. Long form talks.
He have to start being a visionary, a philosopher more than a pol leader. Even if at political costs. Like if speaking up on Dalit atrocities means he won't get vote, so be it. Morons will say this will not get votes, and that's ok. India needs IDEAS not POLITICKING.
Politics Modi and Shah does well, what they don't have is IDEAS and KNOWLEDGE. Their policies are obsolete. World is about to witness the great Marxian prediction of the crumbling of capitalism. Radical right authoritarianism too would be soon over.
If Rahul Gandhi is an idea comprising of values of social and sustainable human development, his time is about to come. The new age will be of the Rahul Gandhis of the world not the Modis or Trumps.
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