OH MY GOD. Imagine if urban legends were born in this generation. Omg i’ll start. ⬇️
If you chanted Lady Gaga’s Judas without any tunes or rhythm, just dry, tuneless chanting in the mirror at night, the bloody ghost of Judas Scariot will appear to you in the mirror and grab you.
This happened to a friend of mine, and they said to never respond to snapchat invites with a 👁 symbol. It’s an initiation for a gang and if u accept the invite, they will track you down and kill you.
Have you heard of the girl who was on ig live and have her dog beside her and will lick her when she’s scared. So one night she was live and she got scared so she let the dog lick her hand. The morning she woke up and she saw humans can lick too.
If you order a secret menu off of starbucks with the ff: 1 tall vanilla latte with 3 shots of raspberry, 2 shots of caramel, and 1 shot of strawberry you get given a special card. Within the card are instructions and if followed exactly, will grant u lifetime starbucks.
There is a secret uber route that if you enter on waze, will transport you through all of the highways of the world. Choose one and you can travel to another dimension.
Have you heard of the serial facebook ghost? If you accept her friend invite she will stalk you through picture chat and she’ll be closer and closer to your room with each shot.
This is in a building in Makati. In a secret building in Makati, if you enter a specific floor you will be transported to a secret room where you will be asked a riddle. Answer correctly and you’ll learn the secrets of success. Answer incorrectly and you’ll be left homeless.
In a sogo branch somewhere in Luzon, there is a room reservation where all of your sexual fantasies are fulfilled. You cannot leave until you have fulfilled your fantasy all the way through.
This happened to a friend’s classmate in college. They played spirit of the Vevo where you ask a question on your YouTube search bar and the Vevo suggested song is the answer to your questions.
A grab driver accepted an order for food. Upon his arrival at the destination, the recipient is dead, along with a note that says, “what took you so long?”.
Kaya maraming attractions sa Jed’s Island Resort eh kasi may totoo silang sirenang alaga at nagtatago palipat lipat ng attraction yung mermaid para di siya makita.
Kaya sinunog Star City kasi daw yung isang attraction nabuhay kaya kailangan nila i-eliminate.
There is a street in Poblacion where if you take a selfie, the spirit of a model will join your photos.
They changed the serving of Rebisco crackers because back then, a kid named Rebreb became trapped in the factory so in honor of him, they made it 4 big pieces so the last 2 can be a tribute for him.
In the then famous gay bar in Cubao, if you stand in front of the hallway mirror and say a chant, your future lovelife will be visible to only you in that mirror. Stay and get jealous of the life you could have, or pursue the person of your future. Your choice.
Told by my friend’s classmate’s sister, there is a secret call center hotline daw you can call at midnight, and when someone answers, you will be asked a name. State the name of a person and they will die within 7 days.
Have you heard of tinder of the glass? Use a Ouija board and chant the name of your crush 3 times and a ghost will make them fall in love with you. Secure that person within seven days or the ghost will erase each memory of you from that person.
A certain batch of poppers are being distributed that, when huffed, gives you small snippets of your future.
If the user anon_256 joins your game on steam, kick him out immediately! He will latch onto your computer’s drive and slowly suck out the data and memory from your storage.
The silent viewer. An anonymous account follows you. And after 10 days, the anon uploads a profile picture. It looks like you. 20 days later, his name changed to yours. 30 days later, you never exist. Identity stolen by a cyber leech.
This gave me chills. https://twitter.com/buffhufflepuff/status/1316020879709540353
A famous dimsum place in Binondo circa 1901 was shut down because when they discovered the recipe for their timeless dimsum was boiled fetus, they weren’t very much pleased.
Tago tagoan is a chant to distinguish the living from the dead.
In a certain booth in Komiket, an artist in a red painted booth will have artwork so intricate you’ll be impulsed to buy it. When bought, whatever was painted on the canvas comes alive in your dreams.
⬇️ https://twitter.com/eueueq_/status/1316023955803701249
Wow https://twitter.com/_drbuddy/status/1316025578475016193
A certain theater in Ay Yellow Mall, will have a secret show. If you utter the correct phrase, you will be asked to sign waivers. Upon entering the cinema, the movie plays. It’s your life unfolding in front of you. From childhood to death. You signed a contract to watch your life
A certain order number on Shopee, that when searched, will immediately be added to your checkout cart. When it arrives at your home, it will be a list of places in a specific date, and time that you should avoid to save your life.
In a museum in Intramuros is a special section where they display the horrors of the past using real bodies that they change every week.
Banned Encantadia episode: one episode of encatadia was never aired because one of the crew died during the shoot. No matter how much they edited it, the crew member shows up. That’s why they didn’t air the episode and had to reshoot it.
In an episode of Wowowin, you can see the reflection of a face of an old woman. She was supposed to show up for her episode but she passed away the night before and had to change players.
There is a dating simulator that lets you talk to a virtual partner. After a certain number of days of calibration, he will vanish from your screen and appear outside your room.
If a sketchy Netflix link is sent to you, don’t open it. It’s a chain message that kills. It happened to a friend of mine, he watched the video and he died seven days later.
In 2000 - 2006, there is a haunted house attraction in Star City that was replaced with a laser tag arena when they found out the props in the haunted house were real skeletons.
There is a playlist on Spotify that spells out “I Need Help Please”. No one knows the owner of the playlist.
A grindr hookup will message you to meet at a motel. You have sex and pass out. You wake up in a tub full of ice. Your liver is taken and there is no sign of your hookup.
This happened in a bathhouse in QC. A guy walked into a room where the patrons seem to be having an orgy. Being not into it, he walked away. A couple minutes past and he went to check on the room. Inside were a dozen dead bodies and a message: arent u glad u didnt join the fun?
A random “Globe representative” will call you for a survey. They ask, can I have some of your time? You answer and after that call, your lifespan is shortened.
In Taylor Swift’s You Are In Love, the lyrics say, “one look, dark room meant just for you.” This is a real room that let’s you live out every fantasy you have.
An alter’s last video showing him gagging on a dick till he died. Those who’ve watched the window will never be satisfied in bed.
April’s_LaSt_tik.tok.mp4: uploaded in tiktok is the death of April. If you don’t manage to watch the whole 6 seconds of graphic imagery of her death, she will visit you in your room. She wants the publicity denied to her.
If you manage to finish Space Impact on your Nokia phone, you will be awarded coordinates to a safety bunker to protect you when IT happens.
Wow https://twitter.com/mevincredible/status/1316048491785850881
If you see an old payphone in the street, put a 5 peso coin in it and dial 488-3276. A voice will ask what is the moonlight color tonight, reply, a chilling shade of grey. Wait for a click and listen carefully. The person on the other end will tell you a secret of the universe.
Better find those tg links https://twitter.com/zillarziel/status/1316065295002267649
There was once a 555 ligo sardine can that contained a note that says, “they’re keeping us hostage, send help”, and an address.
There is a certain ukay ukay in Taytay that’s famous for its hyper-realistic mannequins. Some patrons even say that they feel the eyes follow them as they move. And if the store’s real quiet, you’ll hear extra breathing noises.
Never ever do random video chats. If you match with this person, he will ask really personal questions that you have to answer truthfully. You won’t be able to get rid of him till u answer all his questions. If you don’t, he will come for u. If u do, anyone will be at ur command.
There is a secret wizard shrine in Enchanted Kingdom and if you happen to find it, all of your wishes will be granted. You have to offer a good bargain to the wizard tho because he doesn’t accept cheap gifts.
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