Why it does not make sense to be pro-Azerbaijan when u also claim to be Pro-Palestine: a thread.
Lets start off w some history. Armenians have been living in Artsakh/Karabakh for thousands of yrs. Artsakh became a part of the kingdom of armenia in 189BC and stayed that way for hundreds of yrs.
[1] Hewsen, Robert H. (2001). Armenia: A Historical Atlas. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. p. 102. ISBN 0-226-33228-4.
Although there were hostilities between the Armenians living in Artsakh and Azerbaijanis, given that Az. Is brothers w turkey, who perpetuated the armenian genocide, no full blown conflict ensued bc the region was under the control of the USSR, therefore
This is where the conflict begins, as Azerbaijan did not want to let them secede, and war begins. Ever since then, the conflict has been ongoing and with Artsakh being an autonomous region w its own govt, with help from Armenia
It is important to mention that that the overwhelming majority of the population is Armenian, which has been the majority for centuries. Many will say Wikipedia isnt a source however u can literally check the sources of these numbers by clicking the numbers in the brackets
Keep in mind the antiarmenian sentiment is strong in Azerbaijan, where Armenians are not allowed to enter the country and many pogroms have occurred, such as the baku and sumgait pogroms.
Now onto Palestine. Britain occupied Palestine in the early 20th century, and had awarded land to Jewish settlers for them to establish the state of Israel, much like the USSR occupied artsakh and awarded the land to Azerbaijan.
Since the establishment of Israel, Palestinians have been oppressed and kicked off their land, even though they have lived there for thousands of yrs. Much like How Armenians have lived in Artsakh for centuries yet are being constantly attacked by Azerbaijan.
Most ppl who are pro Palestine suppoort it bc they support indigenous rights, given Palestinians have been there for thousands of centuries. Therefore, u can not logically support Palestine yet side w Azerbaijan in the Armenia/Azerbaijan conflict bc Armenians are indigenous
To Artsakh. Supporting Palestine yet not supporting Armenians in Artsakh is selectively choosing which indigenous groups and indigenous rights are worthy of having the privilege of living on their land. It logically does not follow to support one but not the other.
Now I want to make one thing clear: THIS IS NOT A RELIGIOUS WAR! you cannot claim to support Azerbaijan just bc it is a muslim country. This isnt a muslim vs Christian issue. This is a human rights issue. Similar to how Israel/Palestine is not a jews vs muslims issue.
Religion is used as a tool to gather support in this conflict. I ask u not to side with one country just bc u share a religion, look at the facts and look at whats right. There is strong anti armenian sentiment in Azerbaijan, and although religion does play a role
In the conflict, Azerbaijan is specifically targeting Armenians. Again, look at the facts instead of just allying with a country bc of shared religious values. No religion advocates for war.
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