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Love is a very rare word to come out of the pouty lips of Izuku. His bangs and thick, round glasses cover up his bright emerald eyes, he finds his freckles more like nuisances, and he hated his petite-
Body and made him feel awkward to be around others. So, that’s how he ended up being completely invisible for his University life. That is, until one particular semester.

Midoriya Izuku is a male Omega who is currently casually walking to his Organics class. He is always early-
No matter what because he has nothing better to do than study and sleep. His usual outfit of oversized dark hoodies and loose sweatpants always hide his insecurities as he sits down in one of the back-corner seats and takes out his phone. He’s used to being the first or second-
Person in the room and has enough time to prepare himself for one of the hardest classes on campus. Of course, being the studious nobody, the Omega has no issue with the class.

As people filter in along with the worn-out Professor Aizawa who is known for his harsh grading.
Izuku keeps to himself as everyone gets settled and puts away his devices and takes out his notes and waits for the lecture to start. Only, it seems that the Professor seems to be a little unprepared. Through his thick, curly bangs the student sees that the man seems to be only-
Holding a stack of papers. A rush of panic hits the young man as he has a sudden feeling of what is to come.

“Alright, everybody, settle down,” absolute silence once the professor spoke, “As some of you have noticed in the syllabus, I am doing a two-person project...”
Everything else that the professor says falls deaf to the small Omega, his panic rising at alarming rates. Thankfully, he had scent blockers hiding his distress but he could not stop his sudden trembling. Because of his awkwardness and insecurities, Izuku has struggled to get-
Along with many people and has always done things by himself. Group projects, as it is, get pushed on to him, so he should be fine as long as his partner gives him the work. It’s how he survived anyways.

“Also, I will know if only one of you did it,
If I figure that out, expect a zero on both people, no excuses,” and that was the end of it. The professor began calling out the names of the groups right after and Izuku’s heart was pounding, he hasn’t talked to anyone since he graduated high school. Now on his second year of-
College, he’s expected to talk to someone. His internal panic was interrupted when he heard his name, “Midoriya Izuku and Bakugou Katsuki.”

Izuku froze and so did the rest of the class. And then began the small whispers that reached his ears.
“Midoriya? Who’s that?” Izuku was grateful that he could hide his face in his clothing as he turned impossible red, “A complete nobody with the hottest Alpha on campus, huh.” The Omega’s mind was running at miles per second as he hears the whispers talk about his partner.
He was about to bolt to toward the door but his professor’s voice stopped him.

“This will be due at the end of the semester; I expect all of you to be diligent in your work! One more thing,” he practically glares at the entire class, “You are not allowed to switch partners,
I gave you all these partners based on your work ethic. That is all, now go meet your partners.”

If Izuku could disappear right now, he would. Not only can he not work alone, but he also can’t switch partners, and apparently, he’s partnered with the most popular guy on campus?!
The Omega internally screams before he hears a gruff voice break through the chatter of the class.

“Where the fuck is this...Deku?!” Izuku squeaks when he heard the familiar nickname, he used to be called in middle school.
He heard some people snicker at the name. The Omega was absolutely mortified, he could never just walk up there and be like, ‘Hi, I’m /Izuku/, not Deku’, it’s too much. Once everyone was settled and left to begin the project, Aizawa promptly pointed out the green-haired Omega
Who was quietly packing up and sniffling from his inevitable confrontation.

The large, blonde, muscular Alpha stomps towards the smaller Omega who squeaks at the sudden closeness. Clearly, the Alpha did not care for personal space. Peeking his eyes through his hair, he sees-
Sharp, ruby eyes staring down at him. A spicy, smokey scent reaches his nostrils as he’s engulfed by the Alpha’s musk, trembling with the sudden scent, clueless at what he’s supposed to do.

Izuku looks at the taller man, seeing his mouth open, and then looks down to see a-
Large hand reaching out to him, “Bakugou Katsuki.”

The Omega nods and nervously takes his hand out from the sleeves of his hoodie and shakes his hand. The Alpha’s hands are warm and calloused, probably from a sport,
But his own hand feels dwarfed compared to the blonde’s, “M-Midoriya I-Izuku,” he stutters out in a whisper.

Emerald eyes peek out to see a wolfish grin appear on the Alpha before his ruby eyes meet his own, “Nice to meet you, Deku~”

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