Why am I (We) so mad about Kenney and the UCP? My friends and family ask me this all the time. Reflection: its not just the atrocious cuts and wars on our health (among too many other things to list), its much more than that.
Long thread, sorry!
#abpoli #ableg
I remember growing up, in #Calgary, born in early 80's, and being raised to be Canadian - you know: be friendly and kind, look out for others, be considerate, understanding, and thoughtful. Golden rule, if you can't say something nice.. etc.
And it seemed good. #Politics were snarky but, as far as I recall, it was still Canadian - with respect and decent dignity to the other side. It seemed like we had a certain pride to have our own brand of politics, Canadian style politics. It wasn't US attack-style politics.
#Politicians on both sides seemed to show their more real/human side. I remember seeing my dad laugh his ass off watching Manning on Air Farce or @22minutes with a comment that he didn't like the guys policies, but saw him as a fellow Canadian, and could take a joke!
Regardless of any feelings you have about Manning, I can't even imagine any UCP member going onto a show like that and taking a joke. No chance you would see JK or Nixon being able to accept that, knowing their fragile egos couldn't take it.
And that's the crux for me.. somehow, the #UCP just don't feel 'Canadian'. Its like they are this transplanted external force that is against everything I was taught to be, not just by my parents, or school, or friends, but as we are SUPPOSED to be as Canadians.
This natural Canadian thing that is (or was) inherently inside us - its why we travel with Canadian flags knowing we can make friends anywhere (and to make sure people dosnt think we were Americans. Sorry USA peeps, but its true)
The certainly don't act very Canadian-like: defending MLAs that insult 25% of the province, they hire and defend proven and blatant racists in their own party, they defraud an election, they chase doctors and nurses out of the province while telling us 'its not us, its them', etc
They lack compassion. They lack understanding and thoughtfulness. Im essence, they lack that #Canadian humility, humbleness, and the inherent things that make (made) #Canada the envy of other countries and people worldwide. #abpoli #cdnpoli
So yes, I am raging about the daily horrible things they do: be it Matt targeting a doctor and her kids, or kenney seeing red about a toppled statue and turning a blind eye to blatant hate groups in his own backyard, or blatant #Cronyism (baby harper, stacked panels), or
The lack of respect and sexist comments, also defended by the premier, to opposition women MLAs.
This isn't the Alberta that people used to know us for. The #UCP don't act the way we were raised to.. nay.. born to (or journeyed home to) treat people. And this is why we fight
This is why we are so angry. Angry that this has happened, right under our noses. Angry that fellow Canadians/Albertans were duped (or want this, thats another story), when it goes against EVERYTHING that were raised not to be.
And that's why, for me at least, its so maddening and frustrating. We are the happy, fun ,caring and loving nation that looks out for eachother, cares for others and has that Canadian specialness that makes us who we are.
The anger that we are losing what it means to be Canadian with a government that appears to be anything but. The anger that the UCP and hardcore supporters can't see the harm they are doing to their fellow Albertans, and Canadians.
To anyone outside of Alberta reading this- please know there are tons of us who see what you see (i see the tweets) - whining, posturing, uncouth Albertans yelling at Trudeau and Singh and Greta.
Please know, we aren't all like that! Not even close.
Remember, one voice might seem quiet, but it can carry far and wide. don't ever forget, there are many, many others who feel the same as you. Please, don't be quiet.
#abpoli #abpoli #wakeupAlberta #AlbertaResistance #cdnpoli #Canada #Alberta
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