A friend asked this to me, 'What qualifies as creepy behavior from a man? How can you be a better man to womxn here on Twitter?' (1/n)
Everytime a woman posts a picture, she should not have to make her profile private/delete the picture within a while. This is our space as well, and we deserve to feel safe. (2/n)
If you are a man reading this, you might be confused when you listen to women say "don't be creepy". But what qualifies as creepy? I've added the ones that strike me rn. Women reading this, please feel free to add more. (3/n)
Tweets about a woman's relationship status/sexual orientation/sexual preferences/horny tweets are NOT a reason for you to slide into her dms. A woman talking about sex does not mean it is directed to you, or that she means to let anyone and everyone talk to her about it. (4/n)
Don't save/share/screenshot her pictures EVEN IF HER PROFILE IS PUBLIC - you DO NOT have her consent to save her pictures. Do NOT use her pictures or tweets without her consent on any other platform or handle. CONSENT is important. (5/n)
Don't comment or QT inappropriately (self-explanatory - or, think twice before you comment if it has the slightest chance to be uncomfortable for her - if yes or confused, don't say that) under her pictures, don't tag your mates there. No. (6/n)
Women post pictures of themselves here for one million reasons and attention from men is NOT one. We all have enough and more creepy male eyes around, and noone solicits more. The pictures are NOT for your getting your attention. No, this is not for you. Sit down.(7/n)
Don't comment about her clothes or her body, and don't police her. Don't add anywhere your ideas of what 'you' think being a woman is, or police her in the name of tradition. Noone wants your opinions and perspectives. She is an independent human who knows what to do.(8/n)
Don't mansplain things women already know and have experienced first-hand. Eg., menstruation, mentrual hygiene, difficulties a woman faces in workspaces, public transport etc. When she knows better, your job is to just shut up and listen. (9/n)
LISTEN and amplify when women talk about a gender-based, caste-based or intersectional issue that has been bothering them systematically. You need not have to add your opinions on everything. Listen, and don't steer the conversation away from the narrative.(10/n)
Do not expect a woman to ALWAYS answer your questions. It is extremely tiring even if your doubts are genuine. Understand if she is not in the space for the emotional work. Google is available 24×7. Take time to educate yourself. It isn't rocket science. (11/n)
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