Dr Syama Prasad Mookerjee created West Bengal as a homeland for Bengali Hindus and as an unalienable part of India. We Bengali Hindus can hold our heads high only because of him. This is our state! NO WAY WE SHALL ALLOW THIS TO BE COMPROMISED.
Dr Mookerjee was murdered by a conspiracy of Nehru and Sheikh Abdullah on 23 June 1953. Away from his family,friends,everyone. Then Nehru stonewalled an inquiry into his death with his brute majority and hoped that the country will forget him. But truth will out. The party
which he founded is in power in India today with a clear majority. And finally it has reared its head in SPM’s home state. This is making the reds (and their devout pupils) see red!
They even say SPM did not create West Bengal. But then,who did? Why,silly,Mamata Banerjee did!
The reds,their blue-and-white pupils,people whose only qualification is a Netaji bloodline,and Neo-Muslim Leaguers (NML) start boiling the moment SPM’s name is mentioned. Lately they have begun to slander him by peddling black lies. Actually many of the NML still cannot get over
their anguish at the fact that,even after staging the Great Calcutta Killings they could not get Calcutta into Pakistan. Even Sheikh Mujibar Rahman has regretted this in his ‘Unfinished Autobiography’.
Now people, whose parents would have been most likely slaughtered in the
anti-Hindu pogrom of Feb-March 1950 in East Pakistan,but for SPM’s creating West Bengal,are nitpicking at the great man. A sample of their slander has appeared in the Bengali fortnightly ‘Desh’. I shall answer it,of course. Only our ingratitude fills me with sadness.
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