Did you know that on 12/10/91, the people of #Artsakh held a democratic referendum for independence from #Azerbaijan following the collapse of the USSR? Did you know that on that day, 108,615 residents of Artsakh voted for independence, while only 24 did not?
Did you know that #Baku rejected the results and, in response, waged war against Artsakh's indigenous Armenians, challenging the very fundamentals of democracy and fostering the rise of dictatorships that continue to ravage #Azerbaijan today? I'm talking about you, @presidentaz.
Did you know that in 1994, #Azerbaijan agreed to a #ceasefire with #Artsakh, yet continues to provoke attacks and challenge its integrity to this day, as the world very clearly witnessed on 9/27? Their bots will say it's #fakenews, but think about it for a moment...
Why on earth would republics like #Artsakh and #Armenia, so small and so powerless, provoke war with a military superpower such as #Azerbaijan, which boasts a military budget that is *5x* greater than Armenia's? They wouldn't, unless their homelands and families were threatened.
And that's exactly what we're seeing today: yet another attempt by #Azerbaijan to rid #Artsakh of its indigenous #Armenian population, and this time, with the help of its big brother #Turkey, the perpetrators of the #ArmenianGenocide.
Please help me spread awareness about the humanitarian crisis unfolding in #Artsakh on this #IndigenousPeoplesDay. The world must condemn corrupt dictators like #Erdogan and #Aliyev; modern-day #Hitlers of our time who seek to exterminate the #Armenian race, once and for all.
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