@realDonaldTrump drew this crowd in Florida.

NOT a swing state.
Here's the rally.

The man is a dynamo.
The Democrats, press, and pollsters are putting out frenzied lies about how Trump has absolutely no chance of winning.

I don't get it.

How will this benefit the Democrats?

As @RichardGrenell said, nobody is even listening anymore.
Now, I truly love @VP Pence.

But by 2024, he'll have served two terms as co-president.

If he choses to take some well-deserved time off, I hope the nominee is Grenell.

He's a fighter, like Trump.

And he's fearless.
By 2024, we won't even recognize the joint.

Even so, we'll need another fighter.

Pence is a fighter, as we saw when he pounded Harris into mush.

As co-president, Pence will be able to continue the strategy.

But I don't think people appreciate how hard he's working.
He works as hard as Trump.

If he WANTS the job, it's his.

Even so, if he chooses to pass, I'll fully understand.

At any rate, we need a fighter.

We'll have plenty from which to choose.


Delivering is the new normal.
I think there will be several holdout states that will refuse to change their ways for the foreseeable future.

We were told that people riot and loot because they're angry.

Well, last night in LA, they rioted and looted because they were HAPPY.

Something about the Lakers.
And then we had the usual leftist cop listing of all the damage they did.


No attempt was made to stop them.

Leftists always say, "This is unacceptable," and then they allow it to continue.

That mindset won't change in some places.
Leftists get upset when Republicans use leftist tactics.

Read this thread.

The California GOP is trolling the Democrats brilliantly.
Diehard Democrats and far leftists will remain that way until they're no longer with us.

So we'll always need Trumpism.


Trump is creating STRUCTURAL changes that can't be undone.

He's building a SYSTEM that depends on keeping his changes.
Democrats will forever be at a disadvantage, because they're always have to run on a platform of reinstating corruption, incompetence, and failure.

Everything the Democrats and turncoat Republicans are doing to try and stop Trump is 100 percent ineffectual.

Also, they're throwing so many things at him that the attacks have become a cacophony that's really easy to tune out.
My own trolls are bottom of the barrel.

In the past, I had British actors, Canadian court clerks, Australian computer programmers, Irish EVERYBODY, and American academics.

The worst mistake leftists made?

Physically attacking and now MURDERING the commander-in-chief's supporters.

We have a special relationship with our Trump.

Leftists tell me that he's not their president.


Then he's OURS, and you are no longer citizens.
Just remember:
Trump loves US too.

His supporters.

The ones you people are attacking with increasing abandon.

WE will reelected Trump on election night.

After that?
I wish you all well.

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