If you were shocked by this video, if you shared it, if you learned something from it, even if you're only watching it for the first time now...

ICE is trying to deport 100+ African immigrants TONIGHT.
Sharing these injustices is not enough.

In case you didn't know: The violent conflict that erupted in the northwest & southwest regions of Cameroon in 2016 has killed thousands and displaced more than 679,000 so far.

Returning these folks in mass is a death sentence. Many will be killed by their own gov't upon return.
And remember the forced sterilizations in the news a few weeks back?

ICE is trying to deport some of the SAME women who suffered through them in an effort to silence them.

They don't want the truth out. https://twitter.com/RAICESTEXAS/status/1309162175064203264?s=20
They also know folks won't stay quiet.

The hundreds of Cameroonians and some Congolese immigrants who have spoken out about abuse & mistreatment in detention centers in Mississippi & Louisiana were transferred to TX and are now in imminent danger of being deported.
This all appears to be in retaliation for ongoing hunger strikes by Cameroonian detainees protesting racism, the sterilization of women and the medical neglect happening in detention centers across the country.
Over the last year, dozens of Black immigrants have reported being subjected to retaliatory solitary confinement, as well as violent repression at the hands of ICE agents & guards through pepper spray, rubber bullets, and force.

These are not just statistics. They are lives.
Beatings, breaking of fingers, pepper spraying at the eyes, and choking are among the egregious acts of violence detailed by Cameroonian men detained at Adams County Correctional Facility in an 11 page civil rights complaint submitted October 7, 2020.
Testimony gathered from Cameroonians currently detained reveals that many are being subjected to this violent repression (aka torture) with the intent of intimidating them into signing documents for voluntary departure.

They are quite literally fighting for their lives.
ICE may not give us the time of day but immediate Congressional intervention CAN stop these unjust deportations from happening.

#BlackLivesMatter Please help #FreeCameroonians & #FreeBlackMigrants

☎️📨 Call and email the Congressional Black Caucus and @ICEgov NOW!
We also want to make it clear that the @CamAmerCouncil has been at the forefront of this fight for justice.

They've raised the alarm every step of the way. We urge you to give them a follow & show them some support in this incredibly difficult time. https://twitter.com/CamAmerCouncil/status/1314423547905871875?s=20
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